‘I want the world to know I’m hurt’: Father of missing pregnant postal worker speaks out

WGNtv.com - 07-15


CHICAGO — The father and family members of a missing 27-year-old pregnant postal worker from Chicago spoke at a news conference Monday morning. Kierra Coles’ father, Joseph Coles, and family members spoke at 11 a.m. outside the Richard J. Daley Center.

Wallace Collins: so sorry for your family prayers go out to you hope you find out something soon

Alice No: where are all these missing people?


Dawn Bedell - 07-17
There are many woods and trees in those areas and I just moved there to be honest I feel like no one really care about anything or anyone in this area if South shore I've been here for about almost 2 yrs and took risk to start fresh I'm ready o get the hell out of here and searching for a new place and the way things are going the system has it where they want those with in the low income bracket to be stay in places where they can be shot, or lack quality health care. I'm not having that I have had to keep my medical networks on the North End for lack of integrity on the South Sides end.
Dawn Bedell - 07-17
No one has scanned that big Calumet River.
Kimberly Hobyl - 07-16
Robert Bourg - 07-16
Drew Peterson was a BOLINGBROOK police officer. The article makes it seem like he was a Illinois State Police officer.
Lizardo Mariana - 07-16
prayers for your family domestic violence is somthing people needs to take serious ive been through it and im thankful i got out of it before it was too late
daze zeei - 07-16
So sad. So many evil people in this world who harm others.
Diane D-Luv Butler - 07-16
praying 🙏 for your daughter and family.
Dawn Hamous - 07-16
aww prayers for your daughter s return
Robin Perkins - 07-15
prayers and love for your family
Alice No - 07-15
where are all these missing people?
Wallace Collins - 07-15
so sorry for your family prayers go out to you hope you find out something soon