Someone Please Return My Rattlesnake, Radioactive Uranium, and My Open Bottle of Kentucky Deluxe

Jalopnik - 07-15


In what sounds like an average Wednesday morning in Logan County, Oklahoma, police pulled over two people driving a stolen car last week with expired tags. Oh, and it was also filled with guns, a rattlesnake, a canister of uranium powder and an open bottle of whiskey.


Shannon Lancester - 07-16
the Jesus part it wouldn't hurt
Brad Anderson - 07-16
so the police in logan co Oklahoma arrested someone in Kentucky? fake news...
User from KY - 07-15
Sounds like some Crazy shit to me. I’m not involved in that circle of people Thank God!
User from KY - 07-15
Well I’ve heard Kentucky whiskey is the bomb. And they have a half a bottle left. Wow they could have had quiet an adventure if the cops had left them alone! 😂😂😂