Burned out earlier, man returns home to re-victimization

Buffalo News - 07-15


NIAGARA FALLS – After being burned out of his Niagara Street apartment Saturday afternoon, a man returned Sunday morning and was re-victimized when his victim assistance credit card was stolen.


Gene CoTe - 07-16
sounds like it might be a scam , who the hell would leave an aquantence at a burned out apartment along with a $300.00 card fgiven for your well being and go to a convenirnce store. i woulds made sure he tagged along or said your good byes to each other before leaving the burned out apartment to go to the store, ...yet supposedly without the card with that much money??
Stephanie aka boots Falcone - 07-15
wow that f up now u see who ur real friends are how u just goin take the man stuff n just leave God goin get u dude who ever u are ?? praying for the man that house got burn!! u will be some blessing some how