Missing Woman's Body Found Inside Hotel Bed Frame, Went Unnoticed for Three Days

Newsweek - 07-15


The body of a missing woman was discovered last week inside a hotel bed frame in Austin, Texas. The corpse of San Juana Macias, 40, apparently went unnoticed for three days at the Rodeway Inn off Highway 290, despite both housekeeping staff and detectives having entered the room.

gone cray: I always check for bed bugs but now I will also check for bed bodies

Tim Thiemann: sad story rest in peace. crime in this world is out of control.

Carri Adams: i know where im checking the next time i stay in a hotel

patricia merrill: restraining orders are a joke. Bottom line is, learn to protect yourself, cops can't be everywhere .

America First: Dear GOD please BLESS this woman's SOUL!!


Grace evjen - 27 days ago
No smell?
KENNY W.......... - 27 days ago
wtf kind of hotel was that..........some sad stuff wow
James Lumpford - 28 days ago
prime example of workers not doing their job in house keeping...room wasn't clean until three days later
Dawn Alexander - 30 days ago
so sad...
Ronnie Dawsey Jr. - 07-17
So yeah. I'm sure she knew he was going to kill her. There was a restraining order against him. It kinda falls on her stupidity. This is why you don't meet up with someone who you put a restraining order against. "But baby! I'm sorry! I love you!!!" DUMBASS!! Well, at least she doesn't have to live in fear now...
Ronald Pierce - 07-17
Did someone complain about the lumpy mattress.
Jennifer Wheeler - 07-17
u folks who joke about it has never lived it. thats all I can say. grow up!!!!! and feel ashamed.
J Tip - 07-17
Wow!! I hope I don't get murdered in Austin!!
Cynthia Archer - 07-16
I want to bring up a point for all women to consider. Once you have gotten away from a violent relationship, never, never agree to meet that person again for any reason. Not even in public places. You want to believe them when they tell you they're sorry. Although you may still have feelings, you can't allow that to influence your better judgement. Abusers do not change! Like the horror that happened to this young woman, it can easily happen to you. You are worth much more than this relationship. Please, guard yourself at all times. The most dangerous time is when a person is trying to break away from an abusive relationship. Don't agree to meet, them, don't talk on the phone to them, dont let them come to see any children you may have together, don't give out a new address, just dont! Abusers are quite capable of using their children to get what they want. You need to protect them too.
Karen Luttrell - 07-16
Qatar's uyj
C L - 07-16
Now you know how shitty hotel housekeeping is as they probably never lift the mattress to clean.
User from MD - 07-16
Could they not smell it. I corpse has a distinctive odor, especially after 3 days.
Mike Mike - 07-16
was there a f**king love first sight?
Agnes Brown - 07-16
OMFG ๐Ÿค”๐Ÿ˜ญ It's time for housekeepers to check everything in motel rooms. AND it's ALSO time to let hotel guests know of any murders in the room. LMFAO ๐Ÿ˜‚ I don't wanna be sleeping with DEAD PPL ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜‚ under the bed I sleep on in hotel room
pro hunt - 07-16
no murder charge was released but we will have to say about the small chase that ended in a crash yes besure to charge him 4 that when he just killed someone's daughter, mother, sister , bestfriend.....
trumpalreadywon2020 - 07-16
good start
C A - 07-16
he's charged with everything BUT murder, even after he told police where the body was. what the hell is wrong with the prosecutor?
scott loustalet - 07-16
people are sick in the head..
Lori Mendenhall - 07-16
f sick Mr see ladies cant trust sick men.becareful who you meet check th hair background din th send money I'll rather stay somewhere else .chicks clean rooms need clean better.especally motel 6 e.p ts off freeway mesa discusting
Mocha Mota - 07-16
How can a detective miss a body? The detective didn't know what he was doing and didn't check throughly!
Michael Carpenter - 07-16
This is so sad. Life what does it mean to you and your? Think would you like for someone to take yours or your love one. Stop kill your people!
Rosalind Moore - 07-16
Sending prayers to her family
Riley Lovejoy - 07-15
why refer to her as it because they are dead.
TaWanda Taylor - 07-15
Sending Prayers To Her Family and Friends
Luna Solar - 07-15
damn. 3 days. and it's hot there. hope they find and do Texas style justice on the POS
Tim Thiemann - 07-15
sad story rest in peace. crime in this world is out of control.
Deborah Doster - 07-15
You definitely don't look under the mattress everyday. And they are flipped every three months.
Terence Roche - 07-15
most of my travel is alone and I would like to keep it that way.
Marcia Mills - 07-15
John Kozak - 07-15
Thatโ€™s when the smell