Latino communities in Nebraska braced for immigration raids

Fremont Tribune - 07-15


A sense of apprehension and tension is hanging in the air. An ominous foreboding and dread. It's out there on the streets of South Omaha, but it's also in many households in Grand Island, Lexington, Crete, South Sioux City, Schuyler and other communities across Nebraska.


Amber Newton - 07-15
there should be no worry if they are here LEGALLY! If you come to the US for a better life, then follow our laws! if you are working here illegally, shame on the employer!
John Thurb - 07-15
the funny thing is 90 percent of the population in our country are all immigrants...who's to say which ones are better than the rest
Phyllis Hogston Hadorn - 07-15
Trumps wife needs to go. trump paid for her papers. make her come into our country the right way.
Toni Christiansen - 07-15
If they are not here legally. Deport them all
Brian Snook - 07-15
why are we giving them a heads up just make the move and act!!!