In wake of veto struggle, Anchorage professor announces second run against incumbent state Rep. Lance Pruitt

Anchorage Daily News - 07-15


In the midst of a divisive struggle over Gov. Mike Dunleavy’s budget vetoes, an Anchorage Democrat has filed -- months early -- for a second shot at unseating incumbent Alaska state Rep. Lance Pruitt, one of the governor’s staunchest supporters in the legislature.


Kipp Desiree Keller - 07-15
Have always voted Republican but the way that the Republicans have forgotten who they work for. I think it may be time to rethink how I vote. We were stupid and took the Governor at his word. Now he along with the Republican legislatures are hurting all of Alaska. I would give up a good portion of My dividend to help in areas that the Governor has hurt. I am going to look carefully at all the candidates. Let's get rid of all of those who think that they are too good to support those who put them in office.
S Dale Webb - 07-15
and I am glad I never took one of her classes. probably would have failed simply based on my conservative morals.