Why Meghan Markle Has Been Advised Not to Take Photos With Beyoncé

The Cheat Sheet - 07-14


Meghan Markle has a busy schedule, but she found time to hit the U.K. premiere of Disney’s live-action remake of The Lion King. Not only did she attend the July 14 event, but she also hit the red carpet, where she mingled with Beyoncé, who voices Nala.

BRIAN ZWEIZIG: Only the queen gets photos with Beyonce.


User from TN - 07-19
Who cares!? Can’t find anything more interesting than this to write about? She married a royal-her ONLY claim to fame!
Pamella J. Sullivan - 07-15
I would hope the Duches has better taste than to try to hang w/Beyonce the pauper
Only the queen gets photos with Beyonce.
Nola13 - 07-15
Oh please.....the English are so stuffy...Megan Markle WAS Hollywood ..so what??