Man Who Raped 1-Year-Old Daughter, Posted Video of Attack on Dark Web Sentenced to 70 Years

Breitbart - 07-14


A man who was accused of raping his one-year-old daughter and posting the video on the dark web for pedophiles has been sentenced to a 70-year prison term. Bradenton, Florida, resident James Lockhart, 31, was handed the maximum sentence for his crimes on July 12 after pleading guilty to producing child pornography and other charges, the Daily Mail reported.

J BOY: tree rope gas and a match

Joshua Lewis Bauman: hang em high!!

Rich Castro: Wait until inmates find out.

Terry Brents: Wood chipper for this POS.

Rob Ledford: wood chipper feet first....sorry waste of good air


Max Kipperfunk - 7 days ago
Sounds about White
User from CA - 7 days ago
Only 70 yrs?
Guthrie67 - 7 days ago
I will never understand in a million years why anyone Rapes anyone; Especially a child! 😥. To do something like that to your own flesh and blood is devilish and disgusting!
Fred the dog - 8 days ago
just drop a old time M-80 in his pants and let him suffer the consequences!
Mz Mokca - 11 days ago
these ppl are sick twistd mfs he shouldn't never b able to b released
Gloriajean Kns - 11 days ago
oh my God a one year old now what kind of satfaction could he get from that little angel hang him
Denise Davis - 11 days ago
Retta Henriques - 12 days ago
Typical red state
Bean Flickr - 12 days ago
I can't believe any father could be capable of doing such heart and tears pour out for that poor sweet innocent angel...
I KILL racist/NAZIS - 13 days ago
this is a trump supporter
User from IN - 13 days ago
Take him to the swap tie him to a tree when the sun goes down let the alligators and swap creatures do the rest
Melissa Ann Bankston - 14 days ago
when is Jesus coming back??? hopefully soon cause people cant get much more evil .. yet, here we are!!
Melissa Ann Bankston - 14 days ago
wait until he goes to prison. he won't last five minutes!!! they made this a public thing, so inmates seeing this whether it be by newspaper or tv... and I cant wait!!!
Ashley Duffy - 16 days ago
why don't antifa or the kkk or the alt right idk maybe go after people like this?
Michael Falchi - 16 days ago
the dark web of pedophiles thats disturbing
Karen Kasey - 17 days ago
I'm glad they gave him a 70 year sperm sentence. Oh, won't the boys like him.
toney ingram - 18 days ago
he's white the law enforcement will lie and say he just crazy and do know jail time like always
Teresa Jones - 19 days ago
He should have his thing cut off! They could have Loraine Bobbit go after him!!!!POS
GNLB - 19 days ago
Babygirl 5664 - 20 days ago
Really his own daughter what's wrong with these sickos that's why there's women or men but not little kids especially your own. God protect all children out. Now it seems that kids are not even protected by their parents.
Rhonda Lynn Carrico - 21 days ago
should have kept a better look out for his internet postings Goverment police whoever do your jobs under cover agents do your job family members pay more attention nit everyone in your family cant be blind
Selena Al-Bataineh - 23 days ago
this made me seriously cry how could you do this to your own child this world has legit turned to evil this is the saddest thing ever prayers for that precious baby girl the mother and the other children that were victim to this. Also everyone that keeps saying wait till the inmates find out they have separate cells for sex offenders due to getting in trouble when something happens to them so they lock them up in a pod that has other sex offenders or by there self
Donna Blake - 23 days ago
¹00 years or more than that's not enough
Rob Ledford - 23 days ago
wood chipper feet first....sorry waste of good air
Terry Brents - 25 days ago
Wood chipper for this POS.
Rich Castro - 25 days ago
Wait until inmates find out.
Joshua Lewis Bauman - 07-14
hang em high!!
J BOY - 07-14
tree rope gas and a match