20 Celebs With Hygiene So Bad Their Co-Stars Complained

thetalko.com - 07-14


Since celebrities are generally people who have a lot of money, there are very few things that they cannot afford. So that leads their fans to think that they probably have no issue purchasing things that most people need in order to appear clean and healthy.

Joe mama: I say all of HOLLYWOOD stinks

Lonnie Allen: you forgot Whoopie Goldberg, she has supposedly stink up the set on the view several times.

User from NY: They all stank!

Matthew Miller: notice how alot of it is hippy dippy crap, i.e. dirt supplements, not wearing deodorant...

Linda Poplin: Nasty !


mrbadass - 16 days ago
d.trump smells like a orange orangutan
gwen jokoh - 26 days ago
User from IL - 26 days ago
Lmao did they even need to bother listing Snooki ? You can just look at some people and know they have to stink.
Tom Lovis - 26 days ago
I didn't know there were 20 stinking Kardashians!🤗
TheyNvu Thomas - 26 days ago
This is insane. They're paying for water and don't us it. Like wtf, there are 3rd world countries that don't have clean, or running water for proper hygiene but this is right disgusting especially when you can help it, smdh....😷😳😨
Ronald Woods - 26 days ago
Well I would not be shy to tell them to clean their act up or go home!!!!! 😆
User from CA - 26 days ago
Michael Reed - 27 days ago
i guess it's better to have bad breath than smell like A-S. CHEESE.
red chilli - 27 days ago
well surprise surprise that never doubted in my mind Snooki has a smelly snatch😷😷😱 the entire cast of Jersey Shore stinks like the bottom of an old flip flop. ! LMFAO
TheDragonSoul - 27 days ago
all bone snooki
Harold Edwards - 27 days ago
Amanda Berry - 27 days ago
I'll never understand people. 😖
User from IN - 27 days ago
Johnny Bravo - 27 days ago
i know those snatches are a funk box
Hbk HarBeK - 27 days ago
The Shaq puts it best in his commercial. No deodetant? Gold Bond does the trick. They should listen. Breath? Consider your co stars an think what you eat... can wait till aft er.
Kevin Johnson - 27 days ago
Plenty of Muff Cabbage in that crew🙊🙊🙊💩💩💩🤢🤢🤢
Kevin Johnson - 27 days ago
Stinky n Skanky
Barry Robinson - 27 days ago
Need to brush the tongue also
Norma Ray - 27 days ago
Well , for my input . I was glad to read I am not the only one with bad breath. I brush my teeth , I use mouth wash. I pretty much all ways when being around people use breath ments. There is a medical term . Holatoses .
Alaskablack - 27 days ago
User from OK - 27 days ago
john smith - 27 days ago
wet dogs.
Wanda Belle Morris Bennett - 27 days ago
There is no acceptable excuse for any healthy person to not take showers, baths and brush their teeth. NO EXCUSE!!!
Mathis David - 27 days ago
Loretta Burton - 27 days ago
And a lot of people complain an say they don't want the immigrants here because there nasty an don't bathe. well that's 1 of the reasons the other they don't want to take care of them for free. But my point is we have americans who are just as dirty if not worst
Josh Moore - 27 days ago
wow, now that I've lowered my IQ 10 points even just reading this..... I now know I'm also a scumbag for only brushing my teeth once a day too!! what shall I do!?
Sherry Sealey - 27 days ago
shitwood what else do you expect
C L - 27 days ago
Money can’t buy these people common courtesy.
Jey Cee - 27 days ago
I'D BUY THAT FOR A $ - 28 days ago
you knew what my grandad would say"if it smells like fish eat it like a dish,if it smells like cologne leave it alone"