Mindy Kaling Posted A Hilarious Beyonce Meme That All Parents Will Understand

romper.com - 07-13


Mindy Kaling might seem like one of those super relatable girls you would probably be best friends with in real life (or at least that's how she seems to me), but the reality is she is a powerhouse. A woman who has created her own career as a writer, an actress, and a producer, she is a massive trailblazer in the entertainment industry. She just wrote the critically acclaimed film Late Night starring Emma Thompson, not to mention working on several other projects and keeping her social media game tight. Impressive, just not to her daughter. Mindy Kaling posted a hilarious Beyoncé meme that will never stop being true for every parent ever. Because no matter how big you are to the outside world, you pretty much have exactly one role with your kids.