Miley Cyrus and husband Liam Hemsworth won't have babies until 'we live on an Earth with fish in the water' - 07-13


Miley Cyrus' activism soars to new heights every passing day as the star has now said she won't be having kids until humans start looking after the environment and treat the planet better.

User from NY: For the love of god don’t have kids !!! We don’t need more fucked up ppl like you in the world !

David Burr: Good the world doesn’t need this wackos offspring in the world..

Brian Dean: Meet the crackheads that has never gone fishing

User from TX: Than you Jesus for not allowing that dingbat procreate! Amen

Dave Jordan: Sharks would love you.


Ann Jack Lambert - 30 days ago
thank you no child will have u as a parent
brian nickel - 07-22
Ty for not procreating...we have enough wackos.
John Tater Tiedemann - 07-20
oh god please don't breed your doing America a favor if you don't have kids thank you sweet baby jesus
Chris Holmes - 07-20
your lady parts smell like you have all the fish from the ocean up there already! release them! SKANK
User from MN - 07-18
Keep this skank out of the water.🧟‍♀️🤮
Shasha LaRose? - 07-16
Amen 🙏🏾 to that 😐😐👌💯
Peggy Duey - 07-16
Thank goodness these two weirdos won’t procreate!!
Jeffery Strain - 07-16
Thank God she isn't having kids
Scott Hamaker - 07-16
Kathy Laban - 07-16
thank you
User from NC - 07-16
Kinda make me want to go out and generate as much greenhouse gas as I can
Von Weeks - 07-16
God forbid she ever has a child...she can't keep her disgusting tongue in her nasty mouth. to me, that's not a positive atmosphere to raise a child.
Gary Gonzales - 07-16
Yay!!! She's not going to reproduce!!!
Tanya Allsbrook - 07-16
Please don't breed.
Lin Ree - 07-16
Her God given right. Thank God she's NOT reproducing.
Sharon Leigh Humphrey - 07-16
that statement is sheer lunacy
Davee Anne Scott - 07-16
Psycho! Good idea, don't reproduce.
Angela Hooper Patterson - 07-15
what an amazing arrogant thing for her to say! like, omg! we better treat the planet right so she can have kids🙄! makes me want to throw my trash in the street! please dont have kids Miley!
Mary Hamilton - 07-15
Miley you are a live wire but I love your politics!
User from MS - 07-15
That’s good because no child should be subjected to their lifestyle anyway.
DeeAnn Remlinger - 07-15
goofd. people like should not procreate
Ingrid Owen - 07-15
thank you
Skeptical Male - 07-15
stop thanking the imaginary being.
User from WI - 07-15
The world doesn’t need more people like you! I hope you decease infeasted snatch never conceives
Jeni Mak - 07-15
Her Choice..... her life😎.
Brenda Lochridge - 07-15
if u had babies would they belong to ?
300 mag - 07-15
how about fish smell in your spread legs
User from TX - 07-15
Must be insane to be married to that lady.
widah watch - 07-15
She will not have kids? Mother earth smiled when she heard that
Jon Does It Matter - 07-15