Man Who Raped, Killed Teenage Girl Released from Prison 77 Years Early - 07-12


(TMU) — South Dakota man Nicholas Scherr, convicted of raping and killing a teenage girl in 1980, has been released from prison, according to the South Dakota Department of Corrections.

Bryan Livingston: 23 years for rape & murder, only to let him out so he can do it again. wtf

Josie Martnez: He shouldnt be able to make a deal he was part of a rape and murder wtf is wrong with laws now innicent oeople are at risk because this phyco is free!!!!!!

Amy Reynolds: ummmm he looks scary

MpSeifs: Rough Surface & the son Homer Eagle lol wtf is up with these people's names my god

User from OH: One year, he will either be back in jail or dead.


Brandi Cullum - 22 days ago
This mans crime waa MUCH MUCH WORSE than the man that numerous ttimes. He, Cody Lee Davison, has already done 21 1/2 years in prison. it is not right in any way shape or form in my eyes.
Denise Davis - 25 days ago
He Looks Deranged...!!!
Marsha Fricks - 25 days ago
wonder who will be his next victim
User from GA - 28 days ago
Why did he make it out of prison alive ?
Patricia Harper Kearney - 28 days ago
This so wrong Put him back in prison
Jacob V Nguyen - 28 days ago
theres thousands of innocents people still in prison and never have a chance to get parole but this punk get an early release?? yup this is America alright
Keith Baugh - 29 days ago
This dude needs to be locked away for life. He will just continue his thing.
Leah Morgan - 29 days ago
Israel allows HAMAS supporters to march in their streets. And allows peaceful protests. No other country in that region allows that. They also take in Muslims who are part of the LGBTQ community. No other country in that region does this. They also fund and promote Islam’s entrance into Europe, Australia, New Zealand and America. Just see HIAS or Soros or Ariel Ricker from Advocates Abroad. They are very inclusive.
Leah Morgan - 29 days ago
Serial killer caught early? He needs to stay locked up. Who are the people that let him out?
Sarita Parker - 29 days ago
Coul be Indian names. Regardless, the man did not deserve to be released early.
Pam Boviall - 30 days ago
WTF??? pos
Fred Allen - 30 days ago
he looks scared kid going be scared of him.he.look like monster
Fred Allen - 30 days ago
I'm sure somebody probably can't wait to.Get they hand on.him
Peter Tsagaris - 30 days ago
released by a liberal judge of course
Joseph Hacken - 30 days ago
electric chair for him jail for DA.
Brinda Kennedy - 30 days ago
the Injustice keep just pouring out if so disheartening I am so sorry for her family and so embarrassed of the u.s. justice system who is it working for the criminal or the victim
life time - 30 days ago
Cece House - 30 days ago
Dam an still look sicks
Madeindisdress Tellez - 07-17
This scary freak looks like a serial killer.
User from CA - 07-17
We need to secure our borders lol
Sweetie Medlin - 07-17
He doesn't deserve to be out!
Jaye Barnes - 07-17
Wowww so Crazy this World🙏😒💯
Karen Kasey - 07-16
Somebody had to have been derranged to let him out early. Nobody wants that slug. One less for taxpayers to support though. One is just as bad as the other.
Carmel Schneider - 07-16
This is one spooky looking freak scary looks like he has one foot on a banana peel and the other in the grave well with a puss like that he can't go unnoticed for the long he has a date with death someone will be waiting for him outside those walls he will wish he had stayed in there bye-boo hell is waiting for you.
Teresa Scott - 07-16
There'd probably be regret if he did same crime to one of those that help set him free
Kiama Desmangles - 07-16
Looks like he has hiv/AIDS.
mr bud - 07-16
alien head
User from MI - 07-16
This should not happen bcuz he will just do it again
Sandy Dunn - 07-16
red neck
Thais Thompson - 07-16
Why was he released 77 yrs early? So he can do it again 😡