2 killed in head-on collision in Martin Co.

Newswest9.com - 07-12


MARTIN COUNTY, Texas — Two people are dead following a two-vehicle accident in Martin County. The accident took place just before midnight the evening of July 10 in I-20, about 2 miles east of Stanton.


Quinton Walton - 07-13
Almost have w wreck in MIDLAND daily driving!
Quinton Walton - 07-13
An that is why i dont drive at night period! Damn near got killed sevsral times. Big trucks crossing into my driving lane on i20. One just swereverd an pinned me. Had to hit the brakes hard. To get off the side of it in time. Just got lucky no one was tailgating like they usually are! TEXAS roads are DANGEROUS as hell now days! An really REALLY dangerous at NIGHT!