DA: 17-year-old Midlander sentenced after pleading guilty to murder

Midland Reporter-Telegram - 07-12


A Midland County jury sentenced a 17-year-old Midland man to 35 years in prison for murder. Midland County District Attorney Laura Nodolf announced this week that a Midland County jury assessed punishment for Creed Jones at 35 years in the Texas Department of Criminal Justice for murder, 5 years for tampering with a corpse, and 3 years for tampering with evidence.


Nora Padilla - 07-13
he needs life in prison
Shnea Wilson - 07-13
I do not not all of those people but I was on a moving crew a few days prior with Creed the shooter we rode in a vehicle together with others I was with him around a good 73 hrs constant and the child that passed also was with us and u r right with continual conversations with us all that baby boy could not wait to get home to his mommy and how very proud he was that she was ganna be proud of him for working so hard. can't help but shit here and she'd tears for both boys because my heart aches for the whole manipulate actions that were taken!!! the shooter from wat I gathered in the arguments between the two boys comes down to wanting that piece of shit low scum bag women approval and attention more than the other. GOD HAVE MERCY ON ALL BUT MOSTLY THE BOYS!!! I HAVE MET BRIEFLY WITH THE MOTJER ON ARRIVING TO LET BOTH THE SHOOTER AND THE DECEASED OUT AND She IN MY OPINION (I NO I SHOUDNT JUDGE AND I AM BY NO MEANS AN ANGEL) BUT SHE DESERVES TO ROT IN A HOLE IN THE GROUND FOR THE REST OF HER LIFE. GOD FORGIVR M
Cassandra Flores - 07-12
poor kid never even had a chance at having decent life. especially with his mom being an influence on him and kids these days can be so intimidated by there parents or adults around them.. I hope his mom and boyfriend gets life. I'm sure this young boy is gonna have to have counciling after all this. my boyfriend shot and killed a man out of self defense he still has nightmares and bad anxiety because of it. I can't imagine.. 🙌👏🙏🙇