Just more than half of the 191 people indicted on drug charges in Patrick County have been arrested

Martinsville Bulletin - 07-12


Authorities are a little more than halfway through arresting 191 people indicted in Patrick County last month after a nearly 2-year narcotics investigation. Ninety-seven people had been arrested, Patrick County Sheriff Dan Smith said Thursday afternoon. Six were arrested in North Carolina and are awaiting extradition, and 91 people had been arrested in Virginia (most of them in Patrick County).


Judy Lowe - 07-13
can I give my opinion..I think that it great they are cleaning up all that mess. with the drugs and stuff ...but I heard that 1 of the undercover officers have begged someone to go get drugs for them when that person would otherwise not have touched the drugs...so my personal opinion on that is the cop was very dirty and sorry to do such a thing..that's just what I heard might not even be true but if it is that's sorry