Cleanliness is an issue for some restaurants - 07-12


We have one failure and two very low scores in this week's health inspection reports. The reports also show that kitchen staffs need to learn how to clean better. Mexi-Wings in Charleston received a score of 57 because of multiple violations. Food had to be thrown out due to not being cooked, cooled, stored, or labeled properly. There was evidence of insects or rodents. Cleanliness of the restaurant or personnel was lacking. Inspectors found food not prepared properly and employees not wearing gloves. The inspector saw improper thawing; f ood should be thawed ahead of time in coolers or in clean/sanitized three-compartment sink, submerged in water with continuous running water under 70°F. Additionally, five pounds of raw meat that had been sitting on the counter for more than 2 hours had to be thrown out.