Major Retailer Announces Bankruptcy, Will Close All 261 Stores Nationwide - 07-11


This is really sad — just more proof that retail is not having a great year. Jewelry and accessories store Charming Charlie announced today they’ve officially filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy and will close down ALL of their 261 stores in the country (38 states to be exact.)

User from CA: Never heard of it

Blair Boyd: So how the President is boasting since he took office how much new jobs as been created, while these companies is closing down businesses. When all these 261 stores is closing down businesses, it is a very sad situation in the United States.

Lynn Schneider: Amazon closes all the stores !

Alan Davis: Darn! I was hoping it would be Walmart.

Angelina Messner: Trump closed the store really. stores open and close all the time you blame Walmart and Amazon Trump 2020


BrandonNsophia Lemaster - 9 days ago
never heard of it before.
Mattie Smith - 10 days ago
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Miriam Otey - 10 days ago
Is this just in Oregon or is it national? if Oregon only, it is probably due to all the tax increases our politicians subject us to.
Gina Blackwell - 10 days ago
thanks Trump for all the manufacturing jobs that's going bankrupt.
Rosemarie Jihnson - 11 days ago
NOT the president get over it
Rosemarie Jihnson - 11 days ago
management is the fault of the problem
Terry Oneel - 11 days ago
Never heard of them.
Tracy Crawford-Thornton - 12 days ago
Only job's Trump was talking about was the jobs for those in high level positions, my opinion Trump Care's for Trump & Trump Empire , his good friend Putin. who I think our vice president might be Putin's cousin. 🤔🤔🤔🤡
jeremy barker - 12 days ago
It's a change of the times. It happens every so often. The internet is just so damn convenient.
Quilvio Abreu - 12 days ago
i cudnt get tho mesaje but im active know sorry a cudent anser you
Linda Beam - 12 days ago
its just cheep china trinkets. wont be missed..go to Tj max to get a fix with same thing.
Annie Lewis - 13 days ago
Stop blaming other'sNobody's fault for and what other's say and do.. And stop pickingon Trump! 🤔😘
Mabel Clifton - 15 days ago
😂🤭great economy right ? your vote will bankrupt America. no worries Trump /pence has a position in their ehit house cabinet for you.Stupid Gop voters.
Mad. C. - 16 days ago
I liked the store, however I've only gone in maybe twice. I can see why they are closing!
Kimitta sanchez - 18 days ago
Technology has taken over. people buying food, clothes, and merchandise that is cheaper online. That's why most stores can't keep up.We are the ones that allowed these changes; not all people, but most.
buster69 - 20 days ago
how many times did you buy something from them. Nissan motors is laying off, did you buy a new car from them? How about Chevy, did you buy a new car lately? You people with big fucking mouths don't put out on what they are talking about!
Lyle Hawn - 21 days ago
Lawson David - 22 days ago
so POPULAR I've never heard of it!🤷
Nicki Lewis Bell - 22 days ago
ummm Ethel.... who's pushing the "GREEN NEW DEAL?" IT CERTAINLY AIN'T TRUMP!! Better learn what you're talking about before blaming Trump! Democrats are the ones that will take your food (cow farts), your gas engine vehicle, your unsolared house, your healthcare, and your job and money!! GET A CLUE ETHEL!! 🤦‍♀️🙄🤔
User from CA - 22 days ago
Angelina Messner - 22 days ago
Trump closed the store really. stores open and close all the time you blame Walmart and Amazon Trump 2020
User from TX - 22 days ago
Stores have been having problems because of Internet online buying which I don't like.
Jon Nicholas - 23 days ago
Charming Charlie????????
Cheri Feathers - 24 days ago
sounds like they dont have any interest in staying in business.
Ethel Robinson - 26 days ago
that's right I will be glad when he get out office because he just making it hard for people gas up food up someone need to get an there who knows what they're doing but who can we trust these days because everybody got a tongue and that don't mean that they would not lie about what they're going to do to make the world a better place but that's sad what's going on
User from AL - 26 days ago
The stores are closing because no one is interested in their merchandise! Wow! A business lesson for the day! Go shop there if your worried about it so much. MAGA!
Linda Okrzesik - 27 days ago
this terry o come on Dave things were not the best but the store's were Open since trump started the high tariffs store's have dropping like flies wake up dave and smell the coffee
User from TX - 29 days ago
Sarah Parker - 29 days ago
it's not bad enough that apt rents going through the roof now the commercial rents are going through the roof. do something about the IRS, their the ones that tell how much to charge and can't rent for less money. start looking into it. a friend of mine told me his mother had to leave commercial property vacant and couldn't rent for less than going rate.
Loretta Burton - 29 days ago
There are a lot of places closing people might not want to believe it. But how can someone with 4 bankruptcy and can't get a loan from the united state's run the united state's? plus he's spending money like there's no tomorrow. He don't give a crap about us