Judge Delays Sentencing After 17-Year-Old Girl Says She's In Love with Female Special Ed Teacher in Court

toofab.com - 07-11


"I know in my heart that I am completely in love with this woman, without a doubt," the student told the judge. A judge has delayed sentencing in a case involving a female special ed teacher's sexual relationship with a student -- after the 17-year-old girl professed her love for the disgraced educator in court.

Keith: If the teacher was male there’d be no leniency.

Nate Mooney: But because it is 2 females this will be dropped. LGBTQ community doing whatever they want and getting away with it.

Linda Kramer: why does the judge need more time,if it was a man he would have been sentenced.

User from NY: I’m sure the situation would have been different if the teacher had been a man. Female entitlement, use that V card.

WO ME: whatta sick world. ...


JB Westpoint - 11 days ago
G.I. - 12 days ago
This is so funny lol. No muff to tough for these lesbians. Leave them be,let em have their fun lol. What's love got to do with it anyways.🤙👍
Tammy Miranda - 17 days ago
that's not right at all
tbonze - 17 days ago
free that lady she didn't do it
Jey Cee - 17 days ago
another brainwashing..good job teacher..
Zee W - 18 days ago
Sounds like the judge is empathetic. The teacher will probably be set free.
James Troop - 19 days ago
white people,,,,, dam!!!!!
Thayne Jeff - 20 days ago
I wonder if the judge is a perv.?
William Mitchell - 21 days ago
I agree if it were a man he would already be in jail. if they go free a lawyer should be able to use this case to free every man accused of the same crime.
mary sank - 21 days ago
this world is so missed up....don't u all think..
William Leonberger - 22 days ago
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boc cub - 22 days ago
The judge now is under pressure due that fact! But the law is the law and he needs to apply it accordingly. Other wise tmif he rule infavor and let them go. They need to overturn all the other cases against minors with teachers. If he dismiss the case, the Supreme court needs to intervene on this.
User from FL - 22 days ago
User from FL - 22 days ago
Russia miss a.
Luann Yates - 23 days ago
Disgusting! Probation??? Total breakdown of the judicial system!!!
Daniela Hull - 23 days ago
This is still rape 17 year old or not this teacher was in a role of authority to this kid she groomed her to feel this way look at what some predators do ti children and the kids believe its ok. if this was a man he would be tossed under the bus
Travis Davis - 24 days ago
wow if he was a male dead smh
Yvonee Lopez - 25 days ago
not only do these boys get charged 4 being with a girl less then 1 year older but also have to be a registered sex offender where is the
C Blanco - 25 days ago
money bags - 25 days ago
lesbe friends yummy
Chaughn McRae-Rogers - 26 days ago
FYI. age of consent is different in different states. so if this is a state where age of consent is younger than 18, which I believe is hilarious now days bc 18 yr olds are mostly like 12 yr olds in my day, that could be why judge had to delay.
Christina - 27 days ago
is this a student of the special education teacher?? 😡 taking advantage of this young lady. this had to of started when she was 16 or younger, for it to just now be coming infront of a judge
dianne timmons - 27 days ago
got that right. two males no leniency. law is lad
Wun hung lo ? - 27 days ago
Here's a question for the viewers. What's the difference between a lesbian and a dyke? Yes, it's a trick question. 🤔
darren brooks - 27 days ago
where is the equality. Lock her up
CLite - 27 days ago
Shelly sweetheart I'm saying this from a place of senserity the proper way to say it is"off putting" not "pudding"and Karma is spelled with K... not a"C" and because the article is about a Teacher...I used this as a teachable moment.. also it's profession...and Marital... That was the lesson for today... and oh yeah...use the spell checker feature on your phone.
Shelly D - 28 days ago
omg 😍😂😱 this so off pudding is she specifically special too... for God sake it's a special Ed class it's a special Ed teacher is it a lover from special needs mentality 17 years is still a minor wtf 27 yr old teacher like wow who ever gets sick with the fact or outcome is probably carma teachers perfession is a career not a arrange merital new age state of mind as they continue to be law in which enforcement's needore time for deliberating I think yuck and rude of a pretty face 😖 how sad!
Zachary Young - 28 days ago
She looks a little off in the picture.
User from FL - 28 days ago
Clearly the woman is not a sexual deviant and it’s good that the judge sees this and is acting in compassion. I just wish that same level of empathy would extend to men. 20 year old boys go to prison for sleeping with 17 year olds and there’s almost no age difference there... kinda sick.
User from OH - 29 days ago
Wow really... pretty sure if she was a black man story damn sure woulda been different