'Duck Dynasty': John Luke Robertson's Wife Mary Kate Reveals 22-Week Baby Bump Update

Popculture - 07-11


Duck Dynasty star Mary Kate Robertson is grateful to be bumping along her pregnancy in style. The mom-to-be and her husband, John Luke Robertson, are expecting their first child, a baby boy, this October, and Robertson took to Instagram late last month to show off her 22-week baby bump.

User from PA: Ride that hobby horse John luke


Will and Tina Griffith - 07-14
Congrats from Ohio on being new parents. Love y'all so much. We are very happy for you and your family.
Rosemary Good - 07-13
my favorite "pregnancy" Bible verse for the last looong month of ginormity: Luke 2:1 "And it came to pass..." Didn't come to stay...! Blessings for your young family.!
Shirley Roten - 07-12
Cruisin 12 - 07-12
congratulations John Luke and Mary. May god bless you and your family
Joey Carnell - 07-12
God bless you John Luke an your families
User from PA - 07-11
Ride that hobby horse John luke