Cuba City police continues K9 fundraising

SW News 4U - 07-11


Updated: July 11, 2019, 10:37 a.m. The Cuba City police department has continued to actively raise money to start a K9 unit, which will be completely funded by donation. No tax dollars will be used for this program. The fundraising has been going on for about four months and has received much support from the community, clubs, and businesses. “We would like to take this chance to thank two businesses in the city that came together and donated a combined total of $7,500 toward the Cuba City K9 Unit,” said officer Jessica Kelly. “Non Metallic Components and A.Y. McDonald came together for a very generous donation.” The pair offered to donate $2,500 initially. “Non Metallic Components and A.Y. then had the idea that a money match up to $5,000 dollars for the K9 would be a great donation,” said Kelly. “As a department we are excited to say, we were able to fundraise $5,000 and A.Y McDonald matched that.” These two businesses came together to support police department and K9 program. “We want to thank both businesses for this generous donation and their continued support.”