Meghan Markle shamed online for how she held son Archie at polo event

Fox News - 07-11


Meghan Markle stepped out on Wednesday to support Prince Harry at a charity polo event with their son, Archie Harrison, in tow. It was the first outing since the 2-month-old baby boy was christened in a private ceremony on Saturday.

Cindy Robertson Sims: For Goodness sake, leave her alone !!!! She's doing great 😫😫😫

User from NJ: What is wrong with you people🙏🙏🙏

User from WA: I held my babies like that many times, another snooty English comment.

Lauralei Cathell: I thought it was hinky when Pr. George came over & jumped up & down wanting to see his cousin & his aunt completely ignored him. Just saying...My opinion.

User from NJ: What a bunch of horrible mean people some of you are!!


Grace Zamora - 07-14
Need a cap and sock
User from LA - 07-14
It’s her baby and her business! At least she’s taking care of her own child and not letting a nanny raise him for her!
Rhonda Villarreal - 07-14
Let her hold and do what she wants with Baby
User from OK - 07-13
Megan is a new mom newlyweds she’s not perfect she’s a beautiful woman in a big role
Bob Blank - 07-13
Negative women, get a life!!!
Jennie Batista - 07-13
They should her along. It her baby, and I sure she know how to take care of her baby, and if she don't she have lot of help.
Gordon Lever - 07-13
for God's sake, she's a commoner, cut some slack...
User from TX - 07-13
What ever works for her and the baby is correct.
User from FL - 07-12
Omg !! For the love of God , Leave her alone !!!!
God s got me - 07-12
why can't people mind their own business? geez
User from GA - 07-12
The Nanny is raising this child has she even held it before?
Donna Guimond - 07-12
wow getting all this expert advice. I never got that! wait a minute I did just fine. it's been 31 yrs. and he's alive!
Celia Swoboda - 07-12
she is a beautiful loving Mother who has taken on a very challenging roll as a Royal. she is with the Man she loves and has given him the greatest gift a woman can give the one she loves. She is holding her baby in a very protective manner. He is a beautiful healthy leave her the Hell alone.
Linda Scott - 07-12
lLeave the girl alone! Doesn't she have enough to deal with Already!Your doing Great Meghan...
Butterflykiss_777 - 07-12
So all the world's perfect Mothers decided to bash a new Mom. How big of all the the hypocrites out there. Probably the same ones that poke their noses into someone else's business at Wal-Mart. Get a life & if you dont have anything nice to say.. ummm...Shut it!!!!
Stephanie Miller - 07-12
Maybe she looks uncomfortable because she knows that snooty judgmental people are going to criticize every move she makes. Archiekins look perfectly happy to me so everyone else should mind there own!!!
User from NH - 07-12
Looks like she’s going to drop him. And her dress is not nice at all
Doris Frayer - 07-12
Haters will find anything to complain about. Take care your own family!
Marilyn Schmidt - 07-12
So sad how much she's being ridiculed! They're very happy! Maybe her arms are tired and she's trying to readjust the baby but either way it's how l held mine. You need to remember she's a petite and babies get heavy after awhile! Get a life but leave hers alone!
Geraldine Brown - 07-12
she was holding him like that to support his head and back. People need to get a life. Stop Knit Picking at Others.
Lauralei Cathell - 07-11
I thought it was hinky when Pr. George came over & jumped up & down wanting to see his cousin & his aunt completely ignored him. Just saying...My opinion.
Patrick Ieronimo - 07-11
leave her alone. Its her baby
Pat Carrier - 07-11
That baby is safe in his mother’s arms. She is supporting his neck and bottom. It’s not how I held my children but her way works, too
Marsha Wilkening - 07-11
The media has been after her ever since they learned about Harry and her, The media needs to focus on other issues then just tearing this woman apart. I feel sorry for her she's being treated the same way they did Princess Diana and we all know how that turned out.
User from TX - 07-11
She is happy and that’s what matters.
Misty Workman - 07-11
Leave that poor woman alone! She's a first time mom. She's holding her child close to her. I mean seriously all of this Meghan shaming is ridiculous. No matter what she does someone is putting her down for it. Give her a break! I'm sure if some of you would look in the mirror you'd realize you are far from perfect yourself!!
User from NJ - 07-11
What a bunch of horrible mean people some of you are!!
User from NJ - 07-11
Why don’t all you biddies leave the woman the hell alone. Guess you all are something special!! She is being bashed almost as much as Trump and his family are. Just ridiculous!!
User from PA - 07-11
Can’t people just mind their OWN business! Yeow.
Cindy Robertson Sims - 07-11
For Goodness sake, leave her alone !!!! She's doing great 😫😫😫