Miley Cyrus Has Finally Found Herself

Elle - 07-11


Miley Cyrus wants to read me something she wrote. "I try to meditate the night before interviews on what my goal is, what I want this to say about me." We’re in the living room of the house she bought at 18, in the hills above the San Fernando Valley. At some point it became her office, but she and Liam Hemsworth moved back in after their Malibu home burned down in the Woolsey fire last November (the couple married a month later at her Tennessee farmhouse). On the walls are framed portraits of Elvis and Dolly Parton. There’s a view to the pool outside. Two of her dogs snuggle on the couch between us as Cyrus rests her notebook on her lap, clears her throat, and begins. “My record is called She Is Miley Cyrus. ‘She’ does not represent a gender. She is not just a woman. ‘She’ doesn’t refer to a vagina. She is a force of nature. She is power. She can be anything you want to be, therefore, she is everything. She is the super she. She is the she-ro. She is the She-E-O.”

William Dize: what man or woman was she under when she was found


Josh Bolton - 07-14
thank God I can rest easy now 😂
User from CA - 07-14
Milo or Miley
User from GA - 07-12
William Dize - 07-11
what man or woman was she under when she was found