Restaurant Chain Announces Bankruptcy, Says Minimum Wage Hike to Blame - 07-10


Restaurants Unlimited, a Seattle-based chain with restaurant locations in 47 US cities, announced on Sunday it was seeking Chapter 11 protection, citing “progressive” wage laws.

Lisa Crownover Whatley: When employees don't make a living wage and CEOs make millions, there is the problem.

User from MD: Horse crap. Lousy food, high prices and lousy service probably did it

User from FL: Slavery was abolished a long time ago. If you can’t afford to pay your hardworking employees a living wage, you don’t deserve to be in business.

User from PA: Why is the government dictating what employees get paid? You took the job at a salary. None of the governments business. You want socialism move to Venezuela.

Amanda Michelle: ya when you expand to that level you have to consider how many people you will need to hire. high minimum wage or not laborers are expensive and keeping your business small means less employees and more money in your pockets. As far as the government dictating pay...workers rights were created for a reason....go back in history and look at what the industrial revolution was all about and why the labor unions were created in the first place. we as workers need someone to advocate. doctors are getting 250,000 dollar a year salaries because people fought for a right to a liveable wage. it has nothing to do with socialism. how spoiled an entitled are you to believe people arent entitled to fair pay for the work they do.


Homer Osborne - 11 days ago
CptnCavm - 12 days ago
Well if that's what bankrupted you then your buisness wasn't any good! Because we the workers in this country are not going to work for slave wages to help you! pay a living wage or don't be in business!
User from FL - 13 days ago
It's called a free market, not mandated by the government market. If everyone wants millions in their pockets become a CEO ugh
Miriam Otey - 13 days ago
It proves again, there is so little profit in some businesses, it's a wonder any of them stay in business.
John Martinez - 14 days ago
Well I guess we’re eating in tonight :)
Jeffrey Romanosky - 14 days ago
These restaurant's weren't making the grade to begin with. if they can't afford to pay their employees the going wage ( which I believe is $15.00 hrly) it shows that they weren't successful from the get go. I bet that the administration running thing's are well off, they need to take a 1/2 loaf of bread instead of takeing the whole loaf !!
Jason Cowboyz - 16 days ago
bad management
Dennis Winters - 16 days ago
Most of the fast food employees can't even count change if the register doesn't tell them what to do. No education no good paying jobs. Go back to school or take what you can get.
Victimized Millenial - 17 days ago
If the CEO of Walmart donted his salary to the thousands of employees each employee would get an extra $20 a that's progressive.
Curt Harr - 17 days ago
All the money is going too the rich people at the top the low income people don't have the extra money to eat out .
ontherun - 18 days ago
you will never be a millionaire flipping burgers at McDonald's. Work part-time go to a affordable community college look for grants and take the. right classes to improve your financial situation. These companies can not pay their employees 15 bucks an hour and stay in business especially start up.businesses
Dave Boerin - 20 days ago
look at all these self absorbed presumptuous Neo-Marxist bitching about millionaires.
darla mccoy - 20 days ago
cash cow BUSINESSES should be ILLEGAL..and this ARTICLE wouldn't be apart of our life..truth
Luther Brackeen - 21 days ago
They were warned when they upped the pay of minimum wage!? Only the wealthiest companies can sustain those wages!?
Mark Badger Schiller Sr. - 23 days ago
the places that have you do the job and get you to double time in your spirt or mind to do corprates job too are the ones going by by if thier not compensating for it.
diploplia - 24 days ago
Democrats are job killers.
Ruth C. Johnston - 24 days ago
user from MD I agrees
Andrea Reeves - 25 days ago
Corgi mom you full of the Devil" I don't know if Corgi is your child or your Dog but stop the Madness and focus on rasing Corgi be it child or man's best friend be prayful so if you can pray or do pray! pray that God can show you yourself because you are very ,very mentally challenged. you sound just like your father Trump".
Andrea Reeves - 25 days ago
corgi mom this Comment is for you from Andrea reeves
Andrea Reeves - 25 days ago
STOP this racist Rhetoric, and I don't care if you are Black or White Stop IT" someone mentioned that people like you don't want to share the wealth it's true . The Bible says the poor Ye Shall have with you Always. Jesus draws close to the poor. you all Hollering about blacks on Food stamps (Whites are on food stamps at a higher rational than blacks) so know you all are Hollering about Wage hikes, I m glad to see it coming this can keep the criminal elements at Bay from breaking into your Furnished apt. or House and killing your Big Mouth and your family. those who can get a job can maybe get some self worth then they can be less likely to break in and steal , kill and destroy what we work hard for.
Corgi Mom - 25 days ago
Do any of you mentally challenged individuals on here preaching about what you "ought" to be getting paid ($15/hr) when you know damn good & well you are the same folks, (if you are 27 & still in fast food, retail, etc.), who didn't lift 1 finger to plan for your future!! Not one night school class, no online degree, some too lazy to get your GED! Yet & still yours will be the loudest voices yelling, demanding what you are worth, what you are entitled to! For you who quit school, started breeding in Jr. High & High School--thinking you would join the generational welfare rolls & taxpayers would support you, for the young thugs who just decided ruining their lives ( & others) with drugs, guns & violence instead of planning for your future------let me tell you your worth.
Robert Stocker - 25 days ago
I have a job for $4 an hour take it or leave it your choice
Kim Snipes - 25 days ago
See?!!! A reflection of how INFEASIBLE Minimum Wage Hikes (ala Bernie Sanders ) would probably be on the American economy!!! Destructive!!! 🤕🤕🤕
Sandy Williams - 27 days ago
how much was the owners making?
pssdrdnck - 29 days ago
another dumbocrappy job well done ,,, increase the unemployment rate
Lawrence Woods - 29 days ago
no u greedy mfs don't wanna share the wealth
Nick Ciraulo - 30 days ago
Can I get reparations for the money I didn't make because minimum wage was $3.25/hr in 1971?
connie little - 30 days ago
well the Bible says if you agree to work for a certain wage then you should work without complaining
Contrinia Payne - 30 days ago
how do they expect people to live off of $8 dollars an hour, let's be real, employees need an even bigger raise. I'm sure if Corporate people would stop making $400 thousand dollars a year. and up and give it to workers then they would see a change in THIER attitude and people that really wanted to work
W - 07-20
not true waiters get paid tips I most restaurant s