Kylie Jenner and Rihanna face off in sheer leopard catsuits

Page Six - 07-10


Leopard print has never looked hotter. While promoting her new Kylie Cosmetics summer collection on Tuesday, Kylie Jenner posted some mirror selfies wearing a sheer animal-spotted catsuit by LaQuan Smith.

Cassandra Pearson: They both look trashy.

Lisa Trout-Porrini: You can’t compare. It’s like apples and plastic fruit!!!

Ernest Johnson: Rihanna all the way

User from VA: Rihanna takes it by a self..

Bryan Livingston: Rihanna a porn star now?


Linda Poore - 15 days ago
Go back to the alley you came from.
Jacob Nelson - 15 days ago
two hoes in a pot.
David Garza - 30 days ago
Whatever, they both look Hot.🍻👀👍
Jen Eckhardt - 07-19
tramp, both of them
Gail Jackson-Chapman - 07-19
You know what, all stars copy someone even Bey do the same too
Kevin Johnson - 07-18
Looks like she has Leopard strapped on between her Gamhole🙀🙀🙀
RGAA - 07-17
I would take Kylie over rihanna anyday. rihanna looks nasty and tore up from the floor up
Rebecca Balzer Rose - 07-17
one looks "trashy" in that pose..?! the other "classy", if that's possible in that print...yuk
Cathy Bernatowicz - 07-17
pure trash, both
Charmaine Crumby - 07-16
go riri
Michelle Buletti - 07-16
so sad
Marilyn Rich - 07-16
Trev Eddis - 07-15
Adelita Chavis - 07-14
Stop being so jealous their both beautiful and I love both of them.Haters!
User from MA - 07-14
Old post
Makda Semere - 07-14
RiRi for the win
Rell Miller - 07-14
Michelle Teresa - 07-14
well there's real vs fake plastic sooooo
User from AL - 07-14
Roy Daniel - 07-14
competing skanks; what else is new?
Gucci Gucci - 07-14
Rihanna all day🌟🌟
User from MN - 07-13
Sick, yuck!
User from NY - 07-13
Slat Rihanna
Barbara Brown - 07-13
both are trashy.. hate to know my daughter grew up with the trash they put on tv
Lianne Lish - 07-13
Rihanna's real.
Lisa Tosca - 07-13
prostitute look
Karole Cole - 07-13
No class, go find a damn bra!!!!
Richard Fields - 07-13
bottom feeding low class celebrities
Minong Maniac - 07-13
Couple mud sharking slobs.
Sharon Jeffries - 07-13
you wish you could look like Rihanna.