Whoa: Fans Are Attacking Miley Cyrus for Her Post Saying “Virginity Is a Social Construct”

Cosmopolitan - 07-10


Miley Cyrus is posting about how virginity is a social construct, and people are pissed. She’s sharing stills from her “Mother’s Daughter” video on her Instagram. It feels like forever since Miley Cyrus blessed us with those extremely NSFW ASMR videos of her eating fruit to promote her She Is Coming EP, but it looks like she’s back at spamming us (a welcome thing, might I add) with promo material for her “Mother’s Daughter” music video, which came out July 2. But unlike her previous posts, these are getting a TON of hate for the messages she’s trying to share—especially the one about virginity being a social construct.

Bryan Livingston: just because she flung her cooch around like Mardi Gras beads doesn't mean everyone else should - why she gets so much attention is beyond me #hillbillydumpsterfire

User from OR: What do you expect ! Trash talking, TRASH !! I am sure this Makes her Parents So Proud !!

Pantalaimon du Coeur: What a ho.😅

User from WA: Miley is a social abhoration.

User from TX: She was raised to be a hoe


User from AZ - 15 days ago
I really don’t like her. She grew up to be obnoxious.
Rick Loera - 18 days ago
I guess she should show the same consideration for the fact that some people may value their virginity and self respect.
greyrayne - 07-14
She doesn't surprise me with anything she says or does anymore. What is shocking is not just her but a lot in the entertainment field have little or no education and make statements like their knowledge is the most important life lesson ever.
amalia lopez - 07-13
Lol now she's getting more confuse and wierd...if she wants to be crazy good keep it for yourself...like she said DONT FUCK With MY FREEDOME ..YOU choose that life style....I'm choosing mine girl so don't fuck my freedom to accept yours ..LOL
kamalei 1111 - 07-13
holy mother Mary of God, pray for us sinners, now and at the hour of our death, amen.
John Larson - 07-12
she's what I like to call a girl who only made it one rung above the stripper pole
Michael A McErlean - 07-12
Relax. She not exactly Mother Teresa!
Steveford - 07-12
User from TN - 07-12
Her. Daddy. And. Mother. Apparently never taught her. Anything good cos. All she does is. Bad👿 and. The Devil awaites on her 😈🔥
Sherry Mays - 07-12
I’d be ashamed and one day you will be!!
Monica Faye - 07-12
keeps getting nastier and nastier, what a role model?
User from AL - 07-12
Not many keep up with her anyway, so what she has to say about anything does not matter one way or the other.
Roy McAlister - 07-12
You can take the trash out of the trailer park, but you’ll never take the trailer park out of the trash.
Rosa Lee Hudgen - 07-12
she is a nut case and gross
User from MN - 07-11
User from CA - 07-11
Very disturbing behavior from a young women vile men like it and then target innocent women who don’t have the security you have think about that .
Oakmtn - 07-11
Poor Miley.
Mabel Clifton - 07-11
I cant beleive she would use those words.... 😅😅😅😅
Kat Elliott - 07-11
Many of these 'Celebrity's need to be rated R. I'm not an old fogy, these people should not be influencing our children.
Michael Staley - 07-11
just like a secondary virgin, lmao
Carol Harmon - 07-11
it's a little too late for Miley to be bemoaning virginity. We have seen pretty .uch every nook and cranny of her body including her privates. It's too bad a little respect for virginity eludes her concept. She certainly is proud to take those who actually think being a virgin means something down with her. I wonder what her family and hubby think of her actions. She is a nasty role model. I guess she doesn't realize or care what her fans may feel with what she does. She and all those like her is what is putting peer pressure on young girls to partake in promiscuous behavior.
Susan DeLancey - 07-11
do you all realize, that I can see your comments and info .
Pippa the Wonderturd - 07-11
Seeing as she lost hers when she was 12, she would think that.
Dee Zerimary - 07-11
little hood rat
User from TX - 07-11
What do you expect from that piece of trash. Poster child for drugs.
maga 2020(build it) - 07-11
lol this is one of the best things that's ever came out of her mouth lmao
David Beard - 07-11
how would she know hasn't been one in years lost her to a bum behind a dumpster
User from TN - 07-10
That girl has done too many drugs! She’s just nasty and disgusting! There will be 6 million teenage girls getting pregnant! Just because she’s slinging dirt on virginity! Cant stand her!
Kane Mgp - 07-10
Shes so young & looks so old 😂😝🧐
Chad Beadle - 07-10
Very nice young lady.