Wendy Williams' Alleged New Man Is Identified as Bronx-Based Doctor - See His Reaction

AceShowbiz - 07-10


The 54-year-old TV personality mentioned the man when she returned to her talk show from her June hiatus, announcing to her viewers, 'I'm not on the market anymore.'. AceShowbiz - Wendy Williams made her fans wonder who is the man she was talking about in the recent episode of her daytime talk show. While the 54-year-old didn't reveal the name of the lucky guy, she hinted that it was a doctor who was in his 50s.

Jade Lee: you mean the dr has a new boyfriend. Wendy's a linebacker!! she looks like a man!

dominick g.: She just wants that prescription pad

smittwitt 1: thought wendy Williams was a man


User from NJ - 18 days ago
Ease on up...he did the cheating.How cruel some are.
Sunshine 66 - 07-13
I am very happy for you Wendy.
Erika AVI - 07-13
Wendy is NOT A MAN. STOP. she did a cameo on 'Martin' when she was a DJ back in the 90's...she was darker and heavier....but clearly a woman. It's perverted to call a woman a man.....🤦‍♀️😒
smittwitt 1 - 07-12
thought wendy Williams was a man
dominick g. - 07-12
She just wants that prescription pad
Jade Lee - 07-11
you mean the dr has a new boyfriend. Wendy's a linebacker!! she looks like a man!
tell it like it is - 07-11
ok, here is my problem with this.1: she isn't even divorced yet. 2, if she was really in love with her husband how could she even consider moving forward with another man? 3. She is not giving herself time to heal from what her husband did to her with his love child and girlfriend.I left my husband in 2015, after years of him cheating on me. I found out he had child with ONE of the women. We will be divorced 1 year in September.I have tried to date, but because of all the trauma I went through from my husband's affairs, I just could not move forward. I still loved him...I still am not dating. I have to take time for myself, to process all of it.I don't see how, if she was in love with her husband, that she could move forward so quickly, with another man...? It's mind boggling that she seemed bidibley upset about her husband, but she is already dating, AND OFF THE MARKET? Please, NO ONE MOVED FORWARD THAT FAST, AFTER A NARRIAGE BREAK UP! Unless, you didn't love the guy at all.
Anita Flanagan - 07-10
Oh, STOP with the rumors.