Granddad Who Dropped Toddler From Cruise Ship Window to Her Death Became Hysterical, Was Sedated After Accident

Newsweek - 07-10


The grandfather who dropped his 18-month-old granddaughter 150 feet to her death while on a cruise ship vacation was reportedly so distressed after the horrific accident that he had to be sedated, according to new reports.

Lucinda Acosta: I don't believe for a moment that it was intentional but I guess he was negligent. A horrible lapse in judgement that will live with him forever.

john fast: every one is wrong in this . all is at fault . window should not been open the grandfather should have check it was a safe area he set her in

Victoria Morales: if it was open I would think he can feel some kind of air cone through it . either way RIP to this beautiful baby girl I cant even imagine what the whole family Is going through or the grandfather

Becky Palmer: such a sad story you know there's nothing or no one can punish the grandfather more than he'll punish himself what a horrible tragedy my heart goes out to family the baby's mom and dad

William Brown: God bring peace to the family


Mistress Absynthe - 17 days ago
I take the RC ships all the time. Area described is the Cabana, Portside. There are round table and chairs under the running area, providing sunshelter. The juice bar nearby, ice cream machine on one side or both, near the kids' pool play area. NOTE: if there are rails, there are warnings, that denotes that the windows CAN be opened from the inside. You must undo an upper latch, only a 2' section can open above the railing. It's impossible to not know that the window is open, as they are TINTED. Bottom window cannot open. Top and bottom windows meet like a gentle angled concave clam. Railings are 3 inches or less. He had stuck her already sitting outside the window. There's always a crossbreeze, it's outside. Railing everywhere, denotes either open window, or it can be opened. I've been taking RC ships for 5 years, infants, toddlers, parents, elderly - even those needing Dialysis, can take these ships. This is the first time this has happened that I am aware of, and I pray, the last.
Alija - 17 days ago
Just tragic.
Christine Drews - 07-23
He set her on a railing ?? and then let go??
User from CA - 07-22
I hope they don’t sue the Cruise ship. From what I read they are not at fault. I feel for the family. This was a very tragic accident. All of them have to be so heart broken. The grandpa made a very bad decision I’m sure we’ve all been there doesn’t mean he’s a bad person. So sad for the family all of them.
Mocha Mota - 07-21
I can't understand how the grandfather didn't know there wasn't a glass window there. I don't understand how the grandfather was not holding on to the baby and she fell. I think it's the grandfather's fault. That's why he had a nervous breakdown.
Shuanita Foskey - 07-21
so sad
life time - 07-21
was an accident n the grand father is sorry
Mitzi Arnold - 07-20
well at least he has tolive with it but what about the innocent child that is home every one is saying poor grandfather this is about the CHILD
ksrarden Rarden - 07-19
what the hell. lock him up for life. people in prison dont like child abusers
Tonya Leda - 07-19
I'll bet this will haunt that grandfather for life!
Amy Wojcik - 07-19
This man is an adult and should have know better than to put child in danger to begin with.
Gail Jackson-Chapman - 07-19
The grandfather must be devastated. Everyone is innocent till proven guilty. This man gots to be losing his mind over this. I’m praying for all of the family.🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🤮🤮🤮💔💔💔💔💔
User from MD - 07-19
He is probably going through hell knowing is his fault, is going to be horrible to live with that in your mind till you die, My condolences to the family God please give them strength 🙏🏼
Nancy Welliver Hulbert - 07-19
old news
Robin Carole Burkhardt - 07-18
Michelle Denver - 07-18
He probably had to get lawyer and was probably advised to. But I'm sure its the parente of this baby girl that are the ones that are wanting to sue the ship. Not the grandfather.
Terence Roche - 07-17
he lawyered up immediately if that were me I would have felt so guilty I would feel I deserved whatever I got regardless. That precious gift from God deserved better and it was 100% his fault so once again why get a lawyer immediately following!
Sharon B Overton - 07-17
I resent I title if this article..He did not drop out of the window...he sat her in a table beside of a window...all of the windows were supposed to be closed...all were closed except this window...the baby leaned back in to pay the window and fell out while the grandfather tried to grab her...tell the real story...he is in enough pain without lies..
Alice No - 07-17
I read that tbe window was out and He didn't realize it.
Sharon Howard - 07-16
should never have sat her up there anyway shape or form
Marilyn Schmidt - 07-16
was an accident but poor judgement to put her near a window. His only guilt was poor judgement to put her near any window. Her death is punishment enough! Sad sad for the family!🙏
Necro Moron - 07-16
Darwin theory at work here. Move along....
Helen Helenson - 07-16
greyrayne - 07-15
Can't imagine the pain the grandfather will have to live with the rest of his days. SYMPATHY TO HIM and THE REST OF THE FAMILY.
Lisa Tosca - 07-15
The guy might be mentally unstable.
Lynn Davis - 07-14
I would believe living with this is punishment enough. Prayers going ☝
Joan Traynham - 07-14
Kathy Williams Morris - 07-13
Such a terrible decision the grandfather made that day, but who knew it would end up that way. My second husband made a terrible decis ion one day with my son and two other boys. Just a harmless decision, but by the end of the day my son was dead. Dead at 15 years old. I was devastated. Things can happen so quickly. Prayers for this family.
User from CA - 07-13
He should have jumped out the window after her so he could be with her.