Erykah Badu Reveals She Beat Up Ex Rickey Smiley’s Mother

Celebuzz - 07-09


Whew, chillay! If there’s one thing we know about Ms. Badu, it’s that she’s keeps it real and gives it to us straight, no chaser. So when she spilled the tea on getting in not one but multiple fights with Rickey Smiley’s mom, we just had to report it.


Joshua McCarty - 12 days ago
Wow you're so edgy and cool, it takes a tough peraon to get up an old lady. Btw her body may look young bc of crack...but your face look old AF bc of crack.
Tammey Woods - 12 days ago
Frist of all you should have check around with other people to see what they have whet thought before dating him .Then you could have made you on demand with your life with him . Mother needs to grow up in get a life .Two wamen can't f ×××the same man expectly your on son that is how she act like they have been doing it .If you check in to it she is jailles of any women that her son get with.