Missouri Man Fatally Shot After He Accidentally Trips Over Grill, Bumps Into Stranger's Door

People - 07-09


Thomas Clement was charged Sunday after he allegedly killed a man who accidentally tripped and bumped into his apartment door. A Missouri man was fatally shot after he allegedly tripped on a barbecue grill and accidentally bumped into someone’s apartment door.

DUCS: what ....no one burnin stuff? no riot??


maga 2020(build it) - 07-10
there is always more to the story
MrConrad1950 - 07-10
What was on the barbecue, Chicken?
User from MO - 07-10
Thank you
DUCS - 07-10
what ....no one burnin stuff? no riot??
Richard Davis - 07-10
what happened to first degree murder?