So, is Wendy Fibbing About New Doctor Boyfriend? He Says ‘That’s NOT the Case’

EURweb - 07-09


*Not that SHE straight up said it, but for the record, Dr. Darrin Porcher is NOT Wendy Williams’ new boyfriend. At least that’s what he’s telling folks. This news comes in the wake of a report claiming Porcher, a former cop and criminal justice expert was dating Williams, the Doctor told Page Six that they’re not an item, although he joked he wished they were.

User from CA: Dr must be hard up or blind

Armando: Who gives a hoot!

Lisa Morgan: who cares


Deborah Martiniello - 07-13
it looks like Carlton from The fresh Prince of Bel-Air a little bit doesn't he LMAO
Tiena Ellison - 07-12
the good doctor say's he is not in a relationship with Wendy however he is an ex cop and Wendy hired him to watch her back at work after she filed for divorce from husband, get your lies straight Wendy
Mabel Clifton - 07-11
what the hell people. jealous much?
User from CA - 07-11
Dr must be hard up or blind
Lisa Morgan - 07-10
who cares
Armando - 07-10
Who gives a hoot!