Kate Middleton's Earrings Are Causing So Much Insane Royal "Feud" Drama

Cosmopolitan - 07-09


Royal fans are accusing Kate Middleton of trying to upstage Meghan Markle with the earrings she wore to Archie's christening. Kate wore the Collingwood Pearl earrings, which Princess Diana wore to Prince Harry's christening back in 1984.

Sharon Feisthammel: I think Meghan is jealous of Kate..and I think Harry made a huge mistake marrying her

User from TN: Dear Lord! Meghan might not have the Crown Jewels. But she has worn a tiara at her wedding that the Queen gave her. Media needs to just report; not speculate!

User from CA: Let her alone , she Represents everything Beautiful !

User from VA: Kate looks more classy then “Meghan” go Kate 👸🏻

Lola Elstad: it is too bad that they have this jealousy going on. since Kate entered the family she has worn many different things of Diana's.


Pat Ray - 07-12
a loan of the earrings would have been thoughtful. seeing as it was Harry's son it would have made sense for megan to wear them.
Debbie King Campbell - 07-12
Kate is jealous
Debbie King Campbell - 07-12
she's jealous
User from MN - 07-11
It is so insane of people to making something out of what they have no idea about. Kate has always paid tribute to Princess Diana in her jewelry and clothes choices
Tracy Vines - 07-11
She is Beautiful ❤️❤️❤️.GOD BLESS HER AND THE FAMILY 😍
Mary Kaywork - 07-11
She can upstage Meghan on so many levels I am sure she did it as a sentimental gesture
Lynne Dula - 07-11
bwahahahahaha.......who cares
William Poitra - 07-11
That’s lame that people have to talk about something as trivial as a pair of earrings
User from OR - 07-11
OMG! Leave people alone
User from TX - 07-11
Amazing people! Who cares
User from LA - 07-11
I Sure would like something else to read. And other news besides earrings. This is so boring
Opium flowers - 07-11
Meghan is so much beautiful than Kate . Kate is jealous of her that's so notable 🙄
User from LA - 07-11
She is beautiful
katerina thornburgh - 07-10
i think Meghan is jealous of kate, Meghan will never be queen,
Debi Evans - 07-10
Sonya neither does yours
Not True - 07-10
Well let’s get this straight right now. MEGHAN MARKLE WILL NEVER BE QUEEN OF CRAP and HARRY WILL NEVER BE KING
Donna Lee Griffin-Balfour - 07-10
why dont people just stop trying to cause problems between the Royals,, i see nothing wrong with the family picture. when we have family pictured taken. not everyone smiles in it. sometimes they dont feel well and dont want their picture taken. its not because of Megan or Kate trying to out stage Megan or wearing earrings. people need to get a life and stop trying to see something that isnt there. not everyone sits like everyone, maybe her shoes was hurting her, there could be any number if reason. like i said it all look normal to me
User from PA - 07-10
Well you can expect people saying that Kaye was trying to upstage Meghan Merkel because that is the atmosphere that Meghan brings sand those are the kind of people she attracts drama filled !!
Brenda OBar King - 07-10
How ridiculous. The average person would not have even noticed. Find something else to pick at!
Angela Fadul - 07-10
OMG! These people have nothing better to do but criticize everything related to the totals, this is sickening! There are a millions of charities that need attention. Get your priorities in order!!
diane f - 07-10
rich people problems😁
SaPeace - 07-10
I see the problem with the ugly headband not with earrings!!!
Victoria Provencher - 07-10
"Kate" portrays herself as a "Royal!!!" Gold digger Megamonster on the other hand is just "TRASH" trying to change "everything" as soon as she got there, showing disrespect to Kate, etc, etc. I hope Kate wore those earrings on purpose just to piss her off!! That "wannabe" hollywood bitch deserves it, "GO GET HER KATE!!
User from OH - 07-10
They r all a bunch of whiners
Charlene Yorck - 07-10
I would have wore what’s the difference what ratings to wear
Lisa Walsh - 07-10
omg their just earrings, who cares people. Why do these articles have to cause drama between these two beautiful powerful women.
User from PA - 07-10
I’m so tired of everyone picking on Kate. Age hasn’t done anything wrong. She’s smart, beautiful and a great lady. Love Harry but Megan could take a few hints from Kate.
Monica Faye - 07-10
Causing drama because of a pair of earrings is childish. People need to leave them alone.
Darrell King - 07-09
do u think we really care like real Americans
Laurie Sullivan - 07-09
I thought it was lovely acknowledgment to Harry. Stop the crazy talk.