Man who got his cousin to kill his unborn child by pouring detergent down pregnant 17-year-old's throat is jailed for 11 years - 07-08


A 22-year-old expectant father, who reportedly asked his cousin to try and kill his unborn child by pouring detergent down a pregnant 17-year-old's throat, has been sentenced to 11 years in prison.

Johnny Mathis: ALL 3 belong in jail with a life sentence, thank God she was able to deliver a healthy baby.

Sultra Hale: What kind of ???? is this? Oh, you're saying he's old enough to enjoy he benefit of the sexual experience BUUTTT... not mature enough to man up and be responsible for the consequences of his own actions. Time for a life lesson here sounds like overall, everyone should be sterilized.

Michelle ishappy: The dude was ALREADY a father. His child just wasn't born yet. DUH. Thank God his evil plot didn't work. His son will grow up much better WITHOUT him.

Heather Cianflone: They belong behind bars for the next 50 yrs & then a trial run to see if they're fit for society...if not another 50 yrs. SCUMBAGS!

Adrian Jackson: News is getting to be a depresser. It's seems like it gets worser by the week


Tungsten - 19 days ago
They Should get that Over Grown BOY For Two Cases of Statutory Rape Also. What a Total LOOSER
darla mccoy - 24 days ago
part of all their SENTENCES should be being called "it" and looking at them every day and saying "i don't beieve its dead yet" and beating them for 20 minutes or longer everyday..truth THEY ARE ALL MONSTERS FOR BLAMING A UNBORN CHILD FOR ADULT CONSEQUENCES..TRUTH
Nathaniel Holmes - 24 days ago
Mag O - 27 days ago
I bet they have an IQ of 70
User from NJ - 27 days ago
Then keep it in your pants!!!
Ron Matthews - 28 days ago
Charles Core - 29 days ago
more Muslim Siri law shot. this is how they treat women.
buster69 - 29 days ago
11 years he'll be out in 5, you can't tell me crime don't pay
Onfroi Zinzan - 30 days ago
They’re not Dutch
Debbie Turner - 07-25
everyone is missing parts of the story! He is a predator already. He is having his way with young girls not only did he get the 16 year old pregnant but then the 15 year old as well. He needs put under the jail.
User from SC - 07-22
Kristine Koski - 07-21
(excuse my french), BUT......DAMN!WHAT IS REALLY GOING ON INSIDE THE MINDS OF THESE ,,,,,'SELFISH, MOTHER FUCKERS WHO SUCOMB TO THEIR IMPULSIVE THOUGHTS, HOWEVER DELUSIONAL IT MIGHT SOUND, IT'S OBVIOUS CASE AFTER CASE , THAT THESE IMPULSIVE DRIVIN TYPE OF PEOPLE , ALSO ARE LACKING THE ABILITY , TO OBVIOUSLY "WEIGH OUT THE CONSEQUENSES " AND ULTIMATLY COME TO A CONCLUSION THAT,,,, (killing their baby would NOT be the best way to deal with NOT wanting to be a parent)BUT INSTEAD,,,(after pondering that idea, and realizing how awful that would be, to live with, even if they don't want the baby, thry couldn't do such a thing, when there are other options,,,,That's a mainstream and legal way to deal with the issue of,,,,,becoming a parent,,,,I can't see any probable cause
Jen Sig - 07-19
life in prison nothing less
Anon Person - 07-19
so his underage girl can be pregnant but his other girl cant be? Wait til they find out he likes little girls in prison, they'll give him a nice long, hard lesson
Sheila Whitener - 07-19
He needs CASTRATED! And those girls need their assets beat daily! A lot of Mother's are locked up and can't SEE their babies...they won't be kind to them! And ya know, it's Karma to the 16 yr old...PROBABLY WILL NEVER SEE HER"S!!!
Bob Schmengle - 07-19
how do you fix Sht like this...this is sht!
Lacy Reynolds-Watson - 07-19
So the 15 year old is now pregnant...wonder if it's his..wonder what karma will throw at her...evil people
Amanda Soles - 07-19
They need longer time in jail or prison wtf
Amir Ford - 07-18
Jero - 07-18
This young generation is immoral and irresponsible and nuts!
User from TX - 07-18
Only 11 years old wow
Kimikim Inurface - 07-18
Plot Twist , the baby turns out to not be his ..
Kimikim Inurface - 07-18
what he did was a horrible thing but why isn't there a form of male birth control available - there would be far less unplanned pregnancies if the men could protect themselves . I ain't talking about a condom either , or the pull out method - males need an alternative form of birth control , a pill or injection -
Jonny - 07-18
its a nigger thing just didnt want to take care of his responsibility
TruthStick - 07-18
Hopefully his child finds out about this.
Sam Janney - 07-17
I dont believe in keeping the Father away from his baby. BUT in this case, he/she would NEVER even know who the Father would be. i wouldn't want my child to even know what her Dad tried doing to her. smh. Poor baby.
Kevin Gibbs - 07-17
11yrs? Not enough SMH
Connie Verity - 07-17
Stanur Ground - 07-16
Good, one less criminal
Shari House - 07-16
both who don't need kids at all really