Man horrified after spotting bizarre creature that looks like "alien" on his ceiling

mirror - 07-08


An unusual creature filmed hanging on a ceiling 'looking like an alien' has baffled locals. The oddity was spotted in a home in Bali, Indonesia , but the resident had no idea what it was.

Theresa Michael: To-do list: 1) Scream 2) Run outside while screaming. 3) Get friends to pack my things and help me move.

IM II-xKaos: Ohhh hell nooo , it can have the house !!!

Jay the don: why do the experts wait till someone records this to tell us about if someone records bigfoot your finally gonna fucking tell us and give it a fucked up name like crontontonis gangis.

WhatuSay: Don't care if it is a moth of sorts. Too wierd for me to wrap my head around it. I see something like that I'm leaving, fast, quick and in a hurry. Leaving that kind of stuff to the scientists.

u mad bruf: does anyone else look at it again and again and just thinking oh hell to the nah nah but your dumb self keeps lookin at it then you see it again on accident then your like I ain't sleepin no more


Emjay ledger-herrera - 21 days ago
wàt thé hell íß thàt thíñg
Jesus Rodriguez - 22 days ago
fake news
Stacey Lynn Davis - 25 days ago
he better call quarantine thats some et kinda of sh*t .. hes crazy for letting that thing stay in his house that thing gave me the heebeejeebees
Brandon Pittman - 28 days ago
wtf is that. he can have the house I'm gone
samantha rogers - 28 days ago
300 mag - 28 days ago
looks hindo to me
Timothy Perry - 28 days ago
April Ann - 28 days ago
I would pass out if I seen something like that close to my front door lol 👾😱🤮
Gaylord Paul Silloway - 29 days ago
That's apparently some unknown form of moth.SMDHRFH.
Harrison Isom - 29 days ago
those are actual hookers white clear lures likd fishhooks
Yaya03 - 29 days ago
So what exactly IS IT? 🤢
Ron Jackson - 30 days ago
fishing lure
Lisa Mauk - 30 days ago
User from OH - 30 days ago
The head and face looks like reindeer
Apryl Summers - 30 days ago
Venezuelan poodle moth is my favorite😍
Apryl Summers - 30 days ago
It's a moth...harmless
Paul Valdes - 07-23
looks like it has crab legs , really disturbing creature and it's huge! I'd rather have roaches!
User from CA - 07-23
Build a taller wall, ,, illegal alien 👽 🤣
Anna Anderson - 07-23
Too me it looks like something some one has made it looks like wirers are attached to it l think it's fake.
Mays - 07-22
Sherrie Oglesby - 07-22
Amy Vanasen - 07-22
it just said trump 2020
Amy Vanasen - 07-22
looks like that flying ferry thing from that movie with will smith bright
Juice26us us - 07-22
Looks like one of the elusive Noops species.
Terri Campbell - 07-22
I wonder if it has a family.....😱
Baruka YAH - 07-22
I would literally burn my place down in a frantic panic.
User from VA - 07-22
Very cool, unless it moves faster than you think it could.
Chuck Steele - 07-22
It is neither fat enough nor ugly enough to be Rosie.
Becky Avila - 07-21
Photoshop that looks so fake it's unreal
xxxalphaxstaticxxx - 07-21
burn the whole house down so that thing doesn't escape.