Baby Girl Is Born With Hair So Long And Thick That People Mistake Her For A Porcelain Doll - 07-08


Katie Canham of the UK has four children. Her first three were born with a normal amount of peach fuzz on top of their tiny heads. Nothing out-of-the-ordinary. When Katie was pregnant with baby #4, she noticed she was experiencing a particularly bad case of frequent heartburn. Many experts believe it was a sign of things to come.

Diana West: My grandson thought his name wa "All That Hair" because when he was around people would always say "look at all that hair"!!

Vanessa Bechtle: MY oldest daughter HAD lots of curls at birth too and I had lots of heart burn too

Dale McCue: My great news twice removed from my brother's Uncle's sister ,well anyways she had a lot of hair

Sheila Trulock: where's the babies picture? my daughter was born with a full thick head of hair also.

User from CA: I’m so freaking jealous of that kid.


Sandra Craig - 20 days ago
my twins had few hair never fell out..
Malissa lewis-debruhl - 21 days ago
My sister is adopted do I'm not sure about the heartburn, but we went to get her at two days old and what I remember the most was a lot of dark hair. A lot of babies loose their hair but she didn't. My mother didn't know what to do with all her hair. I didn't get hair until I was 3 yrs and that was blond fuzz.
Morgan Martin - 21 days ago
all three of mine came out with super long thick hair.
Christine Wolfe - 22 days ago
my girls had almost that much hair when they were born . my niece however had that much and it was white blond. by the time she was in kindergarten she had hair past her waist and was white blond. the kids made fun of her. but we all k no own why people make fun. they are jealous.
Temple Alvarado - 30 days ago
my daughter had more hair
Holly Jackson - 07-22
I call bs.
Colleen Fick - 07-22
my nephew was born with alot of hair it was long enough the nurse had to trim it to keep the hair off his face
User from FL - 07-22
Irene Smith - 07-21
🤔 why is this news?
Joy Secrest - 07-19
that's how all my children where born with lots of hair you should have seen my second youngest people thought she was a doll when she was only a couple months old and my youngest who is 2 same thing his hair is longer then my index finger.
Daearl Kelly - 07-19
my daughter had hair in her shoulders when she was born
Edgar Solis - 07-19
they forgot the finger nails were painted as well. must have been a slow FAKE NEWS day
Tammy Murphy Porter - 07-19
Where is the video they mention of in the article. this makes two that says to watch the video, and no video is present. how dissatisfied i am with this article.
Sunshine 66 - 07-19
So adorable
Gail Jackson-Chapman - 07-19
She’s beautiful
Brianne Thompson - 07-18
where is a picture? I clicked cause I wanted to see that lil one. my first baby had lots of hair! my second baby had none!
samantha rogers - 07-16
omg so adorable beautiful hair
Marcheleven Twentythirteen - 07-16
What is the child's appearance now?
Robert Rexroad - 07-15
I am so pissed off at Google and Facebook of blocking pictures with crap and advertisements that I am fully ready to never use either of them again.
Shauna Strampe - 07-15
my Grandson was like that. he was born with a lot lot of hair., very cute!
shoney - 07-15
are poodle 😂😂😂😂
Yvonne Manuel - 07-15
my sons hair grew like a porcupine we had to cut it it went straight up wouldn't stay down omg Lol.
Thomas Graves - 07-14
fake news
Roberta E Brown - Fanning - 07-14
Beautiful hair, my baby looked bald but his hair was light colored. It turned darker a few weeks later. He had enough hair for me, it curls now that he's grown.
tjay - 07-14
really my granddaughter had way more then that so no big deal. I'm quite sure others had so what made this child special? who did they contact or know? I'll like to submit my grands photos 👍🏾
Christy Christian - 07-14
Awww! Thay are beauitful! Both of my kids were born with a head full of hair like that & my kids never lost none of there hair my daughter had so much hair she didn't even look like a new born but it's not true about have heartburn & your baby coming out with a head full of hair I didn't have not one heartburn with either one of my kids My sister's had heartburn's with all of there kids & not one of there kids came out with hair on there little heads bless there hearts lol So I don't believe have heartburn's when your prengnet with your kids that thay will be born with a head full of hair because I didn't have not one heartburn with my kids. My mom said that I was born with a head full of hair & that I never lost any of my hair either so I believe my kids took it back after me! So I think that your kids take it back after there parents.
Katie Bird - 07-14
it's crazy what is considered news these days.
Willie Stines - 07-14
gOd?@! at the end" is ONLY? gonna accept. those WhO???? have real love inside there. heaRts
Linda Stephens - 07-12
click on where it says read source
Linda Stephens - 07-12
My last 3 sons were all born with a head full of black hair. I never had heartburn though.