Popular swimming hole closes in Alma

nwahomepage.com - 07-08


ALMA, Ark. (KNWA) — After several complaints at a popular swimming and fishing hole in Alma, the landowner marks the area as private property. The Crawford County swimming hole located on Highway 282 in Alma is no longer opened to the public, following the owner’s decision to make the land private property after numerous complaints of trash and other things.


Kevin Sindle - 9 days ago
Well I think that the county should put trash bends down there so people could put their trash in and come and empty it once a week cause it's stupid that people do that I have lived here all my life and gone swimming there for years so seriously the owner or the county should really think about doing that so people like me can enjoy the swimming hole again please seriously think about it there has got to be another solution other than closing it down to everyone that grew up around here and go swimming there ok
User from AR - 07-08
This is sad but understanding. We have always lived it down there and would take a bag and pick up trash down the creek. It’s sad people have no respect for nice things and ruin it for everyone!