15 Celebs Who Got Thicker In 2019

thetalko.com - 07-06


Celebrities are under constant pressure to look a certain way and that can become tough for some stars. When a popular celebrity gains a few pounds, a photo of him or her instantly gets slapped on the front cover of a tabloid magazine with some ridiculous caption that they've either "given up on themselves" or are having a "scary breakdown." Celebs who have been in the limelight for quite a few years know how to brush the negativity off, however, those who have just witnessed fame for the first time may have a tougher time trying to not only shed those pounds, but also fight off the haters.


User from TN - 07-08
Wait a minute is this an old article? 🤔 DEMI LOVATO has always been THICK
Erika AVI - 07-07
I think they look Gr8! especially Rob Kardashian!🔥😘😊
Carrie Schaefer - 07-07
This article is cruel and unnecessary.