Steve Harvey’s Wife “Walked Out” On Host After Getting “Too Close” To Kris Jenner?

Gossip Cop - 07-06


Did Steve Harvey’s wife Marjorie walk out on the TV host after he got “too close” to Kris Jenner? That was the premise behind a story that was published by two outlets a year ago. At the time, Gossip Cop reported it was untrue, and now it’s even more clear how false the claim was.

Chris M de S: Steve s wife is gorgeous especially next to that plastic botox face ho that is kris jenner ....

Jerod Norton: Good Lord that family has had more black stars in them or on them than a toilet seat at the Applo Theater!

William Dize: don't you think Steve's wife has not had a little nip and tuck come on now

linda merchette: why would want Kris, the last man she married, became a woman.

Tara Schindler Arnold: Kris is such a skank


LSPARKER - 13 days ago
Marjorie beautiful with faithful husband Steve sister your natural Jenner needs to get down the road
Antwun Barbary - 14 days ago
looking good love you both
Antwun Barbary - 14 days ago
Jackie Barber - 14 days ago
hes not OJ but everyone knows she likes a black man
Lori Marie - 14 days ago
wouldn't trust Jenner, they're all shady
Mary Brown - 15 days ago
well, steve my be a little Wacky, but Kris kenner is not his type.and i 've never know him to be flakey either.Marjorie is a very goregous woman ,from what i see, they have a special relationship.
Debra Bond - 15 days ago
What's the hell wrong with Steve harvey wife, he needs to be dumped by some young chick. I bet he will appreciate his wife better if he did.
Geee - 15 days ago
Fake news get the hell out of here!
Pat Hull - 15 days ago
Threesomes i think not!!!! Steve has also mentioned that no one else will be in his 🛌 but he and his wife Marjorie. Some people are just a bunch of haters get a life. They don't care what u say about them, they are still married and in love.
Pat Hull - 15 days ago
Steve Harvey loves his wife Marjorie no doubt. He has mentioned several times she saved his life and he does everything to make her 😊 and vice versa. I remember one time there was a special with him on Barbara Walters special. Marjorie said in real life her husband is very quite and when he gets home she makes sure he is comfortable and she wants him to get his rest because he does work a lot. I am 😊 for them both, Steve has said she is the best thing that has happen to him and he will continue to make her 😊 as she to him. They have both said they will be together until death do them part, no divorce here for either.
User from CA - 15 days ago
Steve probably did her like OJ Ho Ho Ho old
Georgia Girl - 17 days ago
I wish they will bury this fake news..
Rickey Dee - 20 days ago
ye. DRE !
Asia Mcherrin - 20 days ago
Oh lort
BaSarah Anjeluh - 21 days ago
that old dog gets close to anyTHINGodb
User from PA - 22 days ago
He loves the Kardashians
Nellie Hairston,RMA - 23 days ago
may the best woman win..the hussle is real n the streets
Mattie Smith - 23 days ago
people and social media lies and fabrication lies by other people need to mind they own damn business and stay the hell out of someone else business.
Eunique Atkinson - 25 days ago
thats a whole lie
User from IN - 25 days ago
I don’t blame her if you know what they are famous , I would run also
Irene Smith - 26 days ago
OJ Simpson's sloppy seconds
Fred Tripolili - 29 days ago
Steve is a Uncle Tom
Nola13 - 29 days ago
Where do you get this news..its all BS
Barbara Mckoy - 07-17
Steve wife got all his money. and you worried about him flirting.girl I knew that man was a flirt.u can tell just by looking at him
munchywowski Campbell - 07-17
yall get a life
Marvel.901 - 07-16
Steve funny looking as wife was just looking for a reson to walk away from Steve if a bug would have walked on the floor she would have left just like that, when Oprah Winfrey talk to Steve wife from that day it was over from Steve so look out Steve Oprah is about to start eating on your wife now her and Gayle King turned your wife out.
Jerome Tobe - 07-16
that might be doing three somes
Felicia Engram - 07-13
Steve wife is not a fool she knows the game and she knows that Kris taught her daughters tge game so she better watch the queen bee.
linda merchette - 07-12
why would want Kris, the last man she married, became a woman.
Jerod Norton - 07-11
Good Lord that family has had more black stars in them or on them than a toilet seat at the Applo Theater!