Pinal County deputies have new Dodge Charger for DUI enforcement efforts - 07-05


The Pinal County Sheriff’s Office recently received more than $46,000 in funding from the Arizona Governor’s Office of Highway Safety. The money was used to purchase a fully-equipped Dodge Charger to enhance the Selective Traffic Enforcement Program and DUI enforcement efforts in Pinal County, according to a release.

Shane Beaudet: thanks for the heads up on the color


Jennifer Ann Castaneda - 07-06
wow was that really needed?
trumpalreadywon2020 - 07-06
you still cant catch me yall cant drive your way out of a wet paper bag
Mary-Ann Zabzdyr Reynolds - 07-05
That's our money being used... Could you get a little Ford?
Michael Cecere - 07-05
Great! Another good reason for the police state to drive recklessly.
Shane Beaudet - 07-05
thanks for the heads up on the color