Teyana Taylor Shows Off Assets on Fourth of July in Miami

TMZ.com - 07-04


Teyana Taylor's setting off her own kinda fireworks down in South Beach ... just ask Iman Shumpert. The singer showed off her incredible bikini bod Thursday in Miami. She was there with her NBA hubby and her daughter. BTW ... that outfit she's wearing also pleased another man besides Shumpert ... singer J Balvin. And, that's because the top she's wearing comes from Balvin's Guess x J Balvin Vibras collection.

Sylvester Lee: rather see her than the Kardashians fake body s

User from PA: some of u on here nothing but hater's, and i love it..especially it kills u racist trolls soul seeing a black beautiful queen!!😂😂✌✌✌

Heidi cassone- Tim Mcalpin mcalpin: Damn she looks good i wish my body looked like that you go girl

Legg Annette: you are a beautiful woman with a husband and an a child u showing to much of something only your husband should see.I didn't like it when you was talking about a threesome have some Respect for you and family.

Rudy Reed: I don't understand why people try toput our BEAUTIFUL LADIES down


RGAA - 21 days ago
Don't know who she is. she is cute but not Beautiful, Sexy or Gorgeous.
jacob bouchard - 23 days ago
first of all.... shes a knock out.... but how do you sleep at night as a photographer when you follow people around and sneak pictures..... the whole thing is gross.
Edward Estes - 25 days ago
Lovely lady
Toni Lindsey - 25 days ago
She has the perfect natural body!
Jerry w. - 25 days ago
nice lil onion bootie 😋🍆
Karen Crapper - 26 days ago
that's a REAL body. not plastic.
Cynthia Newman - 27 days ago
cover up
Trust In God Ministry - 28 days ago
Lord God Almighty 🙏🙌
Phillips 0 - 28 days ago
cute picture
Johnnie Sanford - 28 days ago
that's what we call "a lil booty" that's not assets😳🤔😁
Dee Prits - 30 days ago
looks like a tranny
Bobby Rohr - 30 days ago
She doesn’t even respect her self
Bobby Rohr - 30 days ago
James Franklin - 30 days ago
All of you that had a negative comment about her looks and body, i just want to say your jealous she's there and your not, she's sexy, your not, she's got money, you don't and she's absolutely beautiful, your not, she happily married and your not, any questions on these facts? no perhaps not.
retired - 07-22
Who is this? Who cares
User from NC - 07-22
Not really pretty
Peggy Duey - 07-21
She looks like she needs to wipe something. Eek!
Julian Barrett - 07-20
I really dont care for he but.....GOT DAMN!!!!!!
Gucci Gucci - 07-20
razor ramon - 07-17
she sexy to me she look ripped and tone 😘
from mom - 07-16
Crystal Fyffe - 07-16
she's chiseled
Electric 9 - 07-16
love the ladies - 07-16
thats wat id call a BGIF.... maybe even a BGIE.... 👆👍😀
roy wallace - 07-16
the body is nice come on guys give credit win do don't give credit if is not do that happen a lot make long story short she is fine in my book
Cass Johnson - 07-15
What jungle tribe is she with?
Gerald Byas - 07-15
she looks great
Veronica Cassis - 07-15
every body haves a body fat small or big enough she looks real good go boo all was 💯💯 she's a real good person staying at 💯💋💓🔥 Veronica in new Haven CT god bless you t do your thing
ima piledriver - 07-13
Houston we have wood!
Cora Hughes - 07-13
Obviously she has worked out to obtain such a great looking body. picture her body as a beautiful canvas. Any female with fault should probably spend more time at the gym.