15-Year-Old Mother Puts Her Baby Up For Adoption And 35 Years Later He Is Standing Right Behind Her

apost.com - 07-03


Pregnancy can be a scary thing at times. There are so many factors that are taken into consideration when it comes to having a baby. It is also incredibly time-consuming and costly to raise a child.

Amy Lynn Koons-Weiser: I just found my mother and reunited with her after 43 years. she was also 15 when she became pregnant. we have both been searching for each other for decades. turns out we lived right down the road from each other in Virginia Beach for years.

Shannan Roberts: I hate when these articles say to watch the video & there is no video to watch.

Agnes Miller: Still wiping tears....that was soooooooo great of him to do that❤️❤️

Andy Flowers: if that doesn't tug on your heart strings I feel sorry for you because that is an awesome thing at 15 no one is prepared for a child so difficult decisions have to be made I'm sure some people probably has negative things to say about her for what she did 35 year's ago but I say the true test is what she does in the next 35 and I think she'll make the wrong that happened years ago Right

Dana Limbocker: so awesome ...from a mother to another....congrats on a great man you brought into this world....he is got to be just so great to get to know.....i met my mom when I was 24 and it was just wonderful.....im so happy for your family....


User from FL - 24 days ago
Carri Adams - 25 days ago
what a wonderful story
miller69 - 25 days ago
so touching
Joe Lockett - 27 days ago
it's an amazing feeling I to just found my brother and sister after 37 yrs
Phillip Manning - 27 days ago
it must have turned out well
User from OK - 28 days ago
This is awesome ♥️♥️🎊🎈🎉. I’m glad they changed the law. Everyone deserves the right to freedom of finding their parents. This will give the adoptees closure as to why they were adopted out.
Ryan Frakes - 28 days ago
Mo Williams - 28 days ago
just wonderful wit out ill-will...
Raymond Sneed - 28 days ago
Paula Chapman - 28 days ago
awesome. at 15 u don't know What to do as a teenager mom, turn to God for understanding. Amen!!
Sam Gaddis - 29 days ago
that was so beautiful to watch them hug and for them to finely get reunited heart touching
User from WA - 29 days ago
I am looking for my grandson who was adopted by a couple in Spokane, Washington
Zach Burg - 30 days ago
thank you for being merciful and not aborting him!❤
Janet Hemnes - 30 days ago
no video or link
Phyllis Hall - 30 days ago
How sweet this is am so happy to hear they found eachother
Kathy Davis - 07-23
I am so very grateful that a young lady gave up her son and he is my son. I agreed to an open adoption. He chats to his biological grandmother on messenger. He knows who his biological is and she has been to my house.
Davon Burnam - 07-23
Very sad but it does happen
User from TX - 07-22
Tuan Tran - 07-22
very special and beautiful
Elaine Mallory - 07-21
I could of imagine. giving up something thats growing insde of you becomes part of you then the hardest decision To have to give up for adoption And a possibility that you may never see touch feel or hold this are surly a. story of a happy ending
Debra Hayes - 07-21
so touching
Linda Staley - 07-21
As parents of 7 adopted children, my husband and I knew that our children deserved to find their birth parents and hopefully find a connection with them. These women chose to give life to a child and unselfishly give them to someone they didn't know. I am in awe of them. This video was quite emotional!
Melissa Mckinney - 07-21
Adoption.is A Selfless Act.
Sandra Norris - 07-20
this was Beautiful
Phylliss Johnson - 07-20
Phylliss Johnson
cathy Fisher - 07-20
How nice for her. my Son found me after 41 years and I wish he never had. I sent him to prison for strangling me. So beware, it's not always a happy ending.
close too u - 07-18
these stories shouldn't never been mentioned they might pass the wrong message on to other 15 year olds
samantha rogers - 07-16
sad but awesome story
Pamela Connors - 07-16
this is so great.....