‘KUWTK:’ Will Rob Kardashian Ever Re-Join the Show?

The Cheat Sheet - 07-03


Rob Kardashian was once one of Keeping Up With the Kardashians’ most exciting cast members. He often created some of the show’s funniest scenes alongside Scott Disick, who had been dating Kourtney Kardashian at the time. The two often got into fun trouble together, which gave viewers a laugh. But over time, Kardashian began to lose control of his weight, his relationships crumbled, and he receded from the spotlight. Will he ever rejoin the show?


LouLou tx girl - 07-04
He's too boring.
User from MA - 07-03
I don’t see Rob staying in the get in shape phase for long.. He’s going everyday and fat people aren’t really into exercise and stop and I see him doing the same thing.. I hope not but that’s what I feel
User from MA - 07-03
Rob is to fat and self conscious right now and won’t stay long on the show cause they don’t want him fat,complaining always and there about fitness so no not yet for Rob
Caroline Henderson - 07-03
Hopefully it'll be cancelled before he gets the opportunity