6 Babies and 6 employees at a hospital have tested positive for a drug-resistant infection

erienewsnow.com - 07-02


University of Pittsburgh Medical Center Children's Hospital confirmed on Monday 12 cases of a drug-resistant staph infection in its neonatal intensive care unit (NICU), according to a statement from the hospital.


Daletta Zupp Patterson - 19 days ago
Rita Mooney Johnson - 26 days ago
ok, everyone, danger is spreading. we must be careful!
User from IN - 27 days ago
So sad the days are numbered
User from MN - 28 days ago
My sister just went through a staff infection three weeks ago
Dennis Winters - 29 days ago
Deport all of the Vietnamese people that work at these places. Most are illegal immigrants who are brought in this country to work for the owners.
Shelli Gossett - 07-11
OMG so sad. I will never forget my daughter had a staff infection on her foot. She had a pedicure and got it. She went to emergency room and sent her home with antibiotics. The next day she couldn't see! Was hospitalized for 3 weeks in ICU. Had fluid buildup around her heart and almost died. 2 months in nursing home and had home health care to give IV antibiotics for 6 weeks!