Former Child Star: I Was Molested From Age 6 to 14 at Disney - 07-02


Former Disney child actor Bella Thorne has become the latest child star to open up about the pedophile epidemic at the heart of the entertainment industry. Bella Thorne says she was molested from age 6 to 14 while working at Disney and she claims it was an open secret and people did nothing to stop the abuse.

Bob Azula: Disney is run by very evil people. I knew this 30 years ago and have spoken of it many times. Unfortunately, no one is listening. I'm against anything that Disney puts out. You should research this and see how warped their minds really are.

Grizelda Chavez: so where were your parents my kid would not be alone our out of my sight with strangers of any caliber from cop to pope to Disney producer

Jen Sig: wake up Hollywood is a cesspool

Desiree Munden: As a victim myself at a very young age I wore a mask on the outside I smiled inside I was broken, police don't do crap really trust is broken can't trust nobody I myself just started opening up about my life it's not easy one would have to be in the others shoe's to understand

EC1122: This world is very Satanic and sick. So much evil goes on and I wonder why only certain people are exposed.


DIRTY DAGO - 21 days ago
Maria Carrion - 23 days ago
Yes, listen up people that want your kids in the movie n Hollywood industry, what happen to tons of kids can happen to your when pushed by parents to act and then the parents also live of their children earnings. Be Aware there is nothing good in Hollywood!
User from CA - 23 days ago
I do not know who you are l can read the hype I would offer to counsel you as a daughter however that is not possible. You must think of yourself first I would suggest an animal to be your best friend mine was a horse for 29 years. Thinking of you fondly. I know a little bit about life 70 years.
Katharine Cubbies Paige - 26 days ago
don't believe any of this
Moe - 26 days ago
Disney has been the center of evil for over 70 years. Every old animated cartoon has huge negative undertones related to race, pedophilia, religion, and a whole lot more undesirable social injustices. These are how they made their fortune. This is how all of Hollywood has made their fortune. Bunch of out of control liberal, lawbreaking, scumbags.
Mark Griffin - 26 days ago
Disney evil just look at all the kids that work for Disney,and there lives afterwards
User from GA - 27 days ago
She looks high
Kelcey Cochrane - 27 days ago
disgusting. act dress like a mother not a street walker to a kids event.
Lobo Wolf - 27 days ago
Finally truth is starting to come out. Starting with PeeWee Herman, then Bill Cosby now Disney, those actors and gigantic amusement parks are more corrupt with pedophilia then they want public to know.
Denise calhoun - 28 days ago
So why hasn't Bella exposed those nasty perverts.
slash - 29 days ago
Who cares
Hal Clark - 07-12
Pimpin Ain't Easy when you pimp your own but the $ good right?
Merilyn Evans - 07-12
we're living in a crazy confusing destructive Society and ones that should care don't we all play A Part
Shawn Ben (Scorpion Lady) - 07-12
The adults are desperate for money,fame, attention and materialism! Everyone ignores the children for the company store!
K-sea - 07-12
So why not say who molested you and press charges against them 🤔
Tammy Crawford - 07-12
Hollywood stars and anyone who is associated with the stars are sick fkn people. nothing but pedophilers. the pizza gate is real and these poor kids who is associated with them I feel sorry for them. no wonder they turn to drugs and alcohol.
User from Abu Dhabi - 07-12
All that talk about abuse, but she didn’t bother naming ONE name? Shut up! She’s just jumping on the latest bandwagon
Kevin Johnson - 07-12
Sick pervy humps
Gary Hoffman - 07-12
I believe her story. Parents zone out.
calvin Wagner - 07-12
Drew DuFrain - 07-11
this all needs to be herd this feeling needs to be shared no one deserves this kind of treat ment .. how or when it came about and where the adults we're is irelivant. the real problem is the adults that's were there doing such terrible things
Jae Paul - 07-11
Disney used to be an Illuminati family. What do you expect from this organization thats built off of evil roots?
Chris Jennings - 07-11
Look across the board at many of these Disney princesses and their erratic behavior after Darth Mouse is done with them and you really have to wonder just what the hell is going on there.
User from FL - 07-11
in the ninth paragraph u misspelled bella’s last name
AT S.R. - 07-11
Unfortunately the parents are bribed by saying they will have there fortune taken away if they don't let there children attend these Hollywood elite child molestation parties..
User from NY - 07-11
Y is this not news
Jeff from CO - 07-11
it doesn't mean anything unless she says who did it. without say who did it tells me she is making it up for sympathy.
Manuel Reyes - 07-10
and hollywierd still gets away with it, very sad
User from TN - 07-10
I don't believe that shit.. look what she's wearing on the interview..
Pat Vaughn Heistand - 07-09
well why do you think all those earthquakes are happening for in CA? its because of abusing innocent children!