Cardi B Twerks On A Man's Face In "Vintage Pride" Video - 07-02


A few years ago, Cardi B was nowhere near the phenomenon she is today. In 2019, she can drop a song and it'll almost instantly go platinum. However, when she was just starting out, she was still just that former exotic dancer from Love & Hip-Hop trying to strive in her music career. Bardi has had an unimaginable career trajectory thus far, beginning on reality television and ending up a superstar. Usually, things happen the other way around. Every move made by the young superstar is a little risqué. Her entire brand is and always was built around her bold personality and her ability to shock fans. Looking back on a time she was less popping, the rapper shared an old video of herself performing at Washington Pride a few years back, rubbing her booty in one man's face.

Jim Lanham: nasty

Oakmtn: Ghetto ho, nuttin mo

Joe Harkleroad: Oh yes...something to be proud of...WTF???

Tony Rain Seduction Mckeller: Hell no I wouldn't let her do nothing nothing nothing on my face especially when I read she smells don't know how true it is

?u care: wow no words thats to much n she wants respect when she with her dad n daughter.


Walter Rand - 22 days ago
ol dude got a face full of tuna fish and musk butter.
Kevin Johnson - 22 days ago
She got Poop Stain on da outside🙊🙊🙊💩💩💩
Linda Lyons - 25 days ago
what a example for our Young Generation you are the worst ever
Carmen Scholz - 25 days ago
yuck 🤦🤷😱🤢👵
BaSarah Anjeluh - 25 days ago
someone's opinion.. must be carton b alias nasty 🐝 ch
CW2019 - 25 days ago
does this man have a lesion on his head?
#1 Mommy 5 - 29 days ago
What reality show was she on prior to her becoming more known in the music industry?
Chris Schmuck - 29 days ago
60 and Sexy - 30 days ago
viarod007 v - 30 days ago
Tracy Alexander - 07-23
they big mad why? oh ok that wasn't your face
Tracy Alexander - 07-23
I guess the ones who say she stank, been there is. lol
Tracy Alexander - 07-23
haters lol
Tracy Alexander - 07-23
who cares, he likes it
Illuminati 101 - 07-22
She gotta have a stank back end. All sweaty and crusty
Jero - 07-22
Disgusting music industry doing Satanic Rituals at every concerts for the masses! 💀🙈🙉🙊💩
Siah Johnson - 07-22
i hopeshe hurry up and play out
Gail Jackson-Chapman - 07-22
Well, I just hope that her pu**y didn't stink from all that twerking she does. That guy, I hope he don't catch anything🤔🤔🤢🤢😷😷
James Lumpford - 07-22
I thought she was black...I feel better now..😁
Geof Levan - 07-22
shes just disgusting and should be banned!
User from CA - 07-22
A jar of mayo would probably feel as good or better
Minong Maniac - 07-21
Mmmm, smells like a ghetto gas leak and fermented soul food.
Dennis Winters - 07-21
Just another Miley Cyrus.
Jack Hooks - 07-20
That's not entertainment, that is ASSault and a nasty one at that...😃
JohnyJohny - 07-19
he's going to get pink eye.
Pete Stanley - 07-19
Hope she didn’t fart
Terrill Mc Queen - 07-18
Tina Howard - 07-18
wow just nasty
john smith - 07-18
Me so nasty, me luv u long time.
I.C.Ellegals - 07-18
74 comment. and all bad. sorry girl. (you don't got it)