Man Died After ‘Rotting From The Inside Out’ And Had His Testicles Balloon From Eating A Gecko On A Party Dare - 07-02


A tragic news story is coming out of Australia where a father-of-three died after eating a gecko as a party dare. The man’s family said he was basically “rotting from the inside out” and eventually died from the toxic animal.

Debbie Moore: And again i run across a news story where people people make ignorant comments about someone's death...It's not funny when people die and if you think it is you need to look in the mirror and ask yourself "Am I WORTHY OF THE LIFE I HAVE"...the answer is simply just like your brains..NO !!!

Melissa Gray: it also sounds like he received poor care at the hospital

Gary N Almeda Hardwick: Never take a dare from anyone

Mellisa Crow: its okay to say no and still be a benniffet in proving a point that caused you your life.the person that dared him to eat it probally knew he would suffer anyway people are evil.

B A: good. that's what you get, ya prick.


Red State Liberal - 20 days ago
Mocha Mota - 21 days ago
Mmmmm You sure it was a gecko
Michelle Seltzer - 21 days ago
Good... animal killer. Hope you suffered
Lawrence - 23 days ago
Who needs friends that dare you to eat something that kills you?
Connect The Dots - 24 days ago
To those saying he was an idiot to do the dare, I partly agree. That being stated, they were at a Christmas Party having fun, celebrating, enjoying life and maybe even had a few drinks. It seems like one of those “in the moment” decisions. I feel bad for the friend who dared the man, and of course for the gecko as well.
Paula Steiner - 24 days ago
The indigenous people of Australia, the old school ones who still know how to survive in the deep Outback, eat lizards. So gecko or no gecko, it's not a totally outré concept.
User from TN - 25 days ago
Paula Steiner - 25 days ago
I dunno about this story. My cat eats every lizard that comes into the house and all it does is make her poop stink worse than usual.
microscope - 27 days ago
Strange story
Patty Wise - 27 days ago
was it worth the dare for your health and death. are you more into what people think if they tell you to do something and you dont. id rather be alive and heathly. turn down the dare then do it and die.
User from OK - 27 days ago
Lizards ...turtles etc.… can give you salmonella poisoning just by handling them let alone eating them. You can’t blame it on the person that made the dare you can only blame it on the person that had control of his own mind and thoughts !!
Mary Gorell - 27 days ago
User from TX - 28 days ago
How sad , that in order to be liked , the man 👨 had to be daredevil no his gone and the idiot that dare him ,, eat one ☝️ it’s all it took 🤡
Samantha Rieder - 28 days ago
that's what you get for eating a poor little gecko! that's just horrible and mean
Bilqis Yarbro - 30 days ago
OMG...... Never Be Egotistical Enough To Follow Thru With An Insidious Deadly Dare....
shoney - 30 days ago
Barbara Ringer - 30 days ago
vomiting green peeing blacknot going to the hospital for 2 days??
im a piss on you - 07-19
i guess geckos aren't food!
User from SC - 07-17
Don’t let Frank eat the geckos. 🤮
Nina Lee - 07-17
I don't know what you are required to know to graduate from medical school these days. Doctors don't know anything anymore and don't care. No knowledge, no ethics.
By Any Means - 07-16
😂😂😂😂😂 there goes the Geico commercials..😂😂😂😂
Jon Stewart - 07-14
User from MD - 07-11
It’s sad. But this is typical boy behavior. I mean who eats a wild lizard, on a dare of all things. Even if I was starving, I still would’ve passed on that. No woman on this earth would think of her three kids and eat an unknown wild animal because someone dared her to.
Esther Evans - 07-11
I don't understand why he took the dare. Sadly that left the family without a husband and father.
Sylvia Jackson - 07-10
l agree with Debbie! Everyone Is worthy of life!,
Chief Adfp - 07-09
will if they had the details of the party dare hospital may act faster! they were clueless has his family were!
Bill Ludolph - 07-09
black urine shows his bladder and liver had feld. him and everything was shutting down
Isaiah Brown - 07-07
I mean as soon as he started getting ill, why wouldn’t he have come right out and said “I ate a gecko”? I sure would have so they could treat accordingly. Very sad outcome. We’ve all done stupid things.