4 Models Rising Through the Ranks in Fashion

papermag.com - 07-01


Story by Arden Fanning Andrews / Photography by Britt Lloyd / Styling by Chelsea Volpe. Swinging chain-strap bags to thumping New Order synths and '70s soul, a troupe of fresh faces is dancing, posing and jumping in time to old-school beats. Decked out in Chanel's latest Egyptian-laced Métiers d'Art collection, one of Karl Lagerfeld's last for the brand — and the final show in which he could be seen taking his signature bow — before his passing this past February, rising models Ajani Russell, India Graham, Ke'Andra "Coco" Samone and Faith Lynch sport sparkling scarab beetles (symbols of rebirth unifying the past, present and future) and every shade of burnished, crackled and, in the house's words, "flamboyant, almost disco" gold. Gaining as much attention for their multi-hyphenated skill sets as for their fashion bookings, this new crop of future-focused models — a musician by night here, a skincare buff by day there — is redefining what "camera-ready" actually means for Gen Z.