Man Who Spent 12 Years in Prison for Crime He Didn't Commit Shot Dead Two Blocks from His Home

People - 07-01


A Mississippi man who spent more than a decade behind bars for a murder he did not commit was shot to death last week, just two blocks from his home, PEOPLE learns. The Innocence Project New Orleans confirms that Cedric Willis, 44, was found dead on June 24, on the street in his Jackson, Mississippi, neighborhood.

Linda Stephens: It's too bad the women wrongly accused him. They should be held responsible for his death.

Olivia Thomas: he probably wanted to sue the state for false arrest and the white man had him KILLED!!! you know white people hate to part with any kind of money especially to a person of COLOR!

Heather Seils: anyone who wants to publicly comment about someone's race and blame another race, I believe is ignorant themselves and are probably more racist then the ones they are talking about. rise above the bullshit, and teach our younger generations and children that race has no color. a racist person nomatter what color will always be quick to turn it into a "racial" thing because it's easier to put the blame on somthing they themselves are ignorant and dont have the knowledge to even understand these situations. it is truly sad.....God Bless Our Children and Community and those that protect us everyday.

Stacey: That was probably the police department cause they didn't want to get sued for all that money for him being locked up. They owe millions now there going to find some young dudes to stick the case on. sad

Jr.Boy: Mississippi has 38%blacks and has the highest percentage of black government officials . Being freed from prison by the Innocence Project is hope for others falsely accused. R.I.P


Shawn Banks - 18 days ago
so sad I just pray🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿
User from CA - 19 days ago
How sad. Why can’t we leave each alone
Stanley Allen - 19 days ago
the motive was the police and state killed him so they wouldn't have to pay him millions
William J. Doores - 19 days ago
Black man in Jackson, Ms. You must be kidding!
Danni Burchardi - 20 days ago
All those involved in it should spend the same time in prison!
Danni Burchardi - 20 days ago
greyrayne. I am glad to hear that. It is about time the corrupt cops a0mnd It is about time these corrupt asshold officials got caught up with and prosecuted and put behind bars! Hopefully in general population with those they wrongly convicted ! No amout of money can replace someones life
Brenda Plott - 20 days ago
guess soo
B P - 20 days ago
Damn,,, talk about bad luck
Kimmy Ann - 21 days ago
praying Cedric is at rest with my lord and Savior. Prating for his family and friends that justice will be served. Gid please bring this family comfort and guidance in finding this animal that murdered Cedric.
Kizzy Thomas - 22 days ago
so sad
Zachary Young - 22 days ago
A government worker killed him. Case cold and closed.
User from NY - 22 days ago
Cause he probably New who done that it KARMA
Terry Williams - 22 days ago
I was sooo lucky I was acquitted of a murder I didn’t commit after 813 days in jail fighting the case I couldn’t believe how the witnesses were deliberately lying but they couldn’t beat the truth and God 🙏🏼
Mary Williams - 23 days ago
Sad 😥 Praying for the family he leaves behind
Geee - 23 days ago
pray. world
User from TN - 23 days ago
This world is not black or white, are you discriminating against Indians who were the most mistreated ever, or Chinese, or Asian, quit crying black and white! Wrong is wrong no matter the color!
John Kirkpatrick - 24 days ago
That is sad story Cedric
Gail Jackson-Chapman - 24 days ago
You wonder why jails are overcrowded because there are lots of Cedric Willis who are innocent. Prayers out to his family.🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽💔💔💔
Jordyn Adams - 24 days ago
this is what people what
Nicole Mims - 25 days ago
sad. my condolences 🙏🙏🙏
Ruben Castillo - 27 days ago
how come i diddnt get a teacher like that
Celeste Crockett - 27 days ago
Very Sad to here..
John Schaar - 27 days ago
that is heart breaking !!! when was he killed
rocky24 3124 - 27 days ago
The numbers don't lie... delusional people that won't recognize the truth... #SAD
Tony Avila - 27 days ago
safer in the joint
nemo gwala - 27 days ago
Bambi Gilliland - 28 days ago
His family can still sue for wrongful imprisonment and whatever else they can get. R.I.P
proud Latino. - 29 days ago
I would talk to the murder victims frieands and family that he was accused of killing.. that didn’t believe the DNA test..
greyrayne - 07-16
He was compensated $500,000.00 that is a capped sealing the state has in place. The DA and Assistant DA were both arrested DA had to surrender his license and cut a deal in helping bring charges against the ASSISTANT DA who will GET JAIL TIME!