Selena Gomez Stuns In Red Swimsuit For Cousin’s Bachelorette Party In Mexico – Pic

Hollywood Life - 06-29


Selena Gomez looked like she was having the time of her life in a figure-flattering red swimsuit while hanging out poolside in a new photo from her cousin Priscilla DeLeon’s bachelorette festivities on June 28.

Tonia Johnson: She's still cute as a button !!!

Bryan Livingston: pretty...thick 😎


User from MA: It’s so good to see Selena healthy and with some weight on her she looks awesome

Jose M Chavero: some pretty miserable people posting


Just Thinking - 20 days ago
Who gives a crap you guys act like you've never seen anybody in a bathing suit. I've seen better put your tongues back in your mouth she isn't all that and a bag of chips.
Johnattan Dwayne - 21 days ago
makes me hungry
Mocha Mota - 22 days ago
Ok men!!! Like you NEVER seen a woman before! Naked, Bathing suit who cares!!!
User from IN - 23 days ago
Almost perfect.
Alvin Mckeithen - 23 days ago
Hey Love Your Aging Beautifully Wouldn't Mind Getting To Know Your Mind Personally 💯
Paul Valdes - 27 days ago
looking nice and healthy!
Zachary Young - 07-19
she can hold my head.
Erika AVI - 07-11
she looks great! love seeing happy people, having fun.
User from VT - 07-03
Absolutely beautiful woman! So talented!
Darryl Turner - 07-02
looking even better.
Johnny Breedlove - 07-02
CharliBeth - 07-02
Beautiful young lady!
Rose G - 07-02
OMG a red bathing suit. hurry everyone go buy one NOT. REPORT REAL NEWS
Heather Landon Cellar - 07-01
don't she have old man fever now lol
Lamar Wynn - 07-01
Still a cutie pie
User from NY - 07-01
ya she is going over
User from FL - 07-01
That’s cute
Ronald Dobson - 07-01
yummy 😁😛🇱🇷
Jose M Chavero - 07-01
some pretty miserable people posting
James Jones - 07-01
she has gotten thick but she is still very beautiful
C MUTHA LOVIN Murder - 07-01
why is she trying to hide her beautiful body?.I love every once of that !!! even the scar makes my liver quiver!!! lmao damn she's so pretty!!!!
Jason Cowboyz - 07-01
welp. I'm gonna rub one out now
Wayne Frazier - 07-01
she is so fine
rocktownvdub 21 - 06-30
not. bad
Fred Flintstone - 06-30
Beautiful young lady right there...
Highland Lakes - 06-30
yawn 6 at best
Nancy Figueroa - 06-30
Great she need move she beautiful
Mario Norris - 06-30
Really you people need a life
osana chan - 06-30
moter boat
User from MA - 06-30
It’s so good to see Selena healthy and with some weight on her she looks awesome