Woman Dead For 27 Minutes Writes “It’s Real” After Seeing Jesus In Heaven

themostimportantnews.com - 06-25


Brian and Tina Hines were headed out for a hike one morning earlier this year when Tina suddenly collapsed to the ground. Her heart completely stopped beating, but her husband was able to bring her back using CPR. But her heart kept stopping, and paramedics just kept bringing her back. She was reportedly dead for a total of 27 minutes, and during that time she says that she actually saw the Lord Jesus Christ in heaven. The following comes from a local Arizona news source…

User from TX: I am not ashamed of my Lord Jesus

Mecca8383: Well of course its real....If demons and evil are real in THIS world..then everything else that Christ speaks about is as real as well.

Pamela A. Martin: I'm a believer.

Cheri Firman: he is real

gmh13: I was healed of colin cancer last. summer. and a medical Dr told me that after blood work said I had cancer. so God's real. Christ is real.


Shawn Tudor - 30 days ago
black gate she saw hell....ijs
User from CA - 07-23
The Black gates
Alice Guidroz - 07-22
He's definitely real God is good Amen
FL girl in WV world - 07-22
I truly believe in my Savior Jesus Christ with my whole heart and I believe people see Him in the afterlife. I believe some come back with reports of what they saw, heard, felt. But I do not believe the gates are black.
Ty White - 07-22
it was an👽
Ce Ce Love - 07-21
To answer Kathy Whitson, Jesus did say MANY will seek to enter Heaven, but only a few will be allowed. (John 10:1) I don't it's written in the Bible of going to Hell once you kill yourself. I believe the reason some people say it is because it is probably Satan or the deceiver that puts lies into a person's mind to end their life. I honestly believe there have been some people that have taken their lives while being a Christian, not necessarily meaning that person went to Hell. Still we have to be strong as Christians and not judge anyone or determine if that person made it or not
Daniel penn - 07-21
This world is so complex that there has to be a higher being, good and evil does exist
Kevin Johnson - 07-21
Good thing she had Pen n note pad with her for da 27 minutes of death💀💀💀✍✍✍
Kathy Lynn Whitson - 07-20
Why is it said most of us won’t make it where in the Bible does it say that and wear does it say if u kill yourselves you go to hell? Where?
User from NY - 07-19
Jesus I believe in you and your my lord and savior,not all these false idols and gods people worship meaning celebrities, no one can ever change how I feel , and anyone ready to comment negatively I pray for you because they Day the lord comes back to save us it will be to late for you
User from KY - 07-18
Carmel Schneider - 07-17
Listen,this woman was just saying what happened to her she wasn't trying to reform anyone into believing her story and who are we to call her a liar .We don't know what she experienced.I do believe in God for without him I'm nothing and that is my belief and no one can tell me different.Just look at all the hate destruction death in the world I pray to my Lord and savior and he gives me peace 🙏 and Love he does exist.
User from CA - 07-14
Unless you are a believer, one would not understand the loving grace of the Lord. It is true it could have been a dream but quite honestly I know from experience the peaceful and amazing feeling of this. No one could ever, with their words or doubts, take that away from me. With any experience, one cannot believe unless they feel it “happens” to them. That’s fine. But to have this experience, whether a God given dream or a God given experience of near death, I can truly say... it was the most wonderful and peaceful experience I’ve ever had.
Amber Bailey - 07-14
I'm not playing, and I'm not lying. I really can't believe I'm going to open up but hey what Hell. When I overdosed, I died. I didn't see lights and I certainly didn't see Jesus. What I did see, imagine (?), and what scared me to death was I was falling down a dirt hole with my hands in the air. On the way every bad person that has hurt me, was reaching out at me trying to grab me. And then I kept seeing all the places that I had been that I shouldn't have.. Then I screamed my husband's name as loud as I could and I opened my eyes with my chest on fire. They brought me back. I do believe in God and I do believe in Hell. I'm not a Bible reader and I don't go to church. I know I should but I don't. I don't know if I was just having a dream, or if I was really on my way to Hell. But I do know this, I will never do what I did that night ever again.
Sherry Brigham - 07-13
~Amen~ sweet Jesus👑🙏
Jazzy Dee Mcnair - 07-12
Blair’s where it’s at we are Rising
Jazzy Dee Mcnair - 07-12
Yes churches are fake there is a god in all of us the most High is here are u ready I am
Skeptical Male - 07-12
the perfect article for the delusional fools, it proves nothing, period.
Mike Ballard - 07-10
she is a liar if she was dead she would know nothing not to say she might have had a dream and thinks that she seen it but she didn't the Bible clearly states no one shall see Jesus until he sets foot back on Earth anyone claiming to have met with Jesus or seen him is a LIAR
Lovely Brown - 07-05
i kno he's real but it's not judgment day so i don't believe this article
Manuel Reyes - 07-05
so there is light at the end of the tunnel
Thomas Graves - 07-04
she must of been on drugs... and hallucinated....
Leah Morgan - 07-03
Pray that we all are granted his mercy. Pray and repent.
Paul Riebe - 07-03
well what do you think it does not exist. trust me it does exist and Christ is coming back. so you all better be ready!! just like a thief in the night.
Mocha Mota - 07-03
The brain does weird things when you don't have oxygen!
Tammy Oneill - 07-03
i thought the gates were supposed to white pearly gates
Elizabeth Clark - 07-03
Thomas Noonan - 07-03
they were on a hike, but appeared to have a pen and a pad too were on
db - 07-03
one drop of water
Joey Bosco - 07-03
amen !! the Lord is great