Beth Chapman: Still In Coma, Reportedly Near Death

The Hollywood Gossip - 25 days ago


Over the weekend, Beth Chapman was hospitalized and placed in a medically induced coma. Her husband Duane asked fans for prayers as Beth's children raced to her side. Now, we know more about why doctors had no choice but to place her in a coma.

Darlene Johnson: we need to get a Prayer chain for Beth for God to put his hands on her and heal her. Watch over The Chapman family and prayers sent to them

Denise calhoun: My prayers are with her.

J H: if she did not want interference that decision should have been honored

Charmaine Olson: you fought your fought to me you still a tough cookie and you will always be no matter what happend this time if you cant fight it just go home with Jesus he need you now! go and be with your beloved baby that is with Jesus your baby is waitng too for you on the other side. we all love you!!! Blessings to you and your Ohana's

User from GA: God is good


Duane Chapman - 23 days ago
this is old news. I pulled the plug yesterday. I am now happy Single Ladies
Marie Dickman - 23 days ago
God be be with you
User from NY - 23 days ago
OMG not my BETHY I am forever sorry for your loss 💔 I am fighting the tears 😭 ❤️ know my heart is with you ALL ❤️💜🧡💚💛💖
Tanya Miller - 24 days ago
I will miss you beth and I'm so sad about you're passing. I am praying for the whole family and i pray you all will be ok and not get depressed. I also wanted to say i love your show but it won't be the same with beth being there.
Pauline1967 Ducasse - 24 days ago
she just passed away.
Beth Galloway-bell - 24 days ago
R.I.P Beth keeping your family in my Prayers. Beth may God Bless and rest your soul. Your in Heaven at Peace no more pain or suffering. Don't worry about your family they will be ok. Dog and your other family members will make sure their going to fine. You got your wings this morning so fly sweet Angel fly. We know you will be watching over them. And they know you'll be watching over them. You will be truly missed and nerve forgotten. WE ALL LOVE YOU BETH
Ryan Hattenbach - 24 days ago
dog my prayers are with you and the family I feel bad for the family that y'all have to deal with such a crushing as Beth's cancer me and my wife Would like to meet the family
retired - 24 days ago
She has passed
Kevin Johnson - 24 days ago
She gone..hope Dog quits late 4 da 2nd hand cancer victim.
Cheryl Ainsworth - 24 days ago
best wishes and prayers for your family dog hope she pulls through I have a friend going through the same thing my prayers go out to both my friend and your family love always beth ur the best an so is my friend
Christine Snider - 24 days ago
My thoughts and prayers are with Beth, Dog and your whole Family. I am praying for God’s healing hands for Beth🙏🏼
User from TX - 24 days ago
May god be with u always Beth. Beautiful. Lady. God bless u dog n your family. Y’all were n still is a. Blessing to each other n we love y’all. God be with y’all amen amen
User from TX - 24 days ago
I pray for u n your family love u beth
Lavonne Manning - 25 days ago
May God's will be done in Beth's life sending prayers to the family for strength and peace. Much love ❤🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
Jaime Trevino - 25 days ago
Sue Bell - 25 days ago
My prayers go out to you and your family, cause my husband was diagnosed with colon cancer and after his surgery he is just not the same and the doctors said it was just a matter of time so we are spending every day we can together.
Christine Porche - 25 days ago
I am praying for Dear sweet Beth ,Dog an pain I had just lost my dad to d kiss grandkids. I do feel y'all pain I has just lost my dad cause of lung and liver cancer .He had kept building up with fluid and couldn't breathe . All that time the doctors thought it was his heart.Well Two days before he passed away the doctor made his rounds and told us my dad has cancer.It is very hard I wish I could have my dad back I am 53 years old I can't blame God for taking him.keep y'all in my prayers.
Ray Gonzales - 25 days ago
fight, fight,beth you have god on your side.❤
Agnes Brown - 25 days ago
Beth NEEDS God 🙏😇 and with our prayers 🙏🙌❣️ God will ascend to her and help.
MBelle - 25 days ago
Walter Litwinko - 25 days ago
a lot of people praying for you i hope you pull through god bless you mrs beth
Susan Weir - 25 days ago
Sending prayers to you and your family.
Jo Deeb - 25 days ago
I keep praying for you Beth.
Nyssa Boyer - 25 days ago
I'm fighting cancer myself it's very hard Beth dog needs you just like I need my guy Randy he needs me I just had a lump on my neck I ask for a cure for cancer everyday just know Nyssa Randy Boyer are praying for you and your family love Boyer family
Michele Morgan - 25 days ago
We are praying with you for Miss Beth, may she be strong enough to recover this time too...Godspeed!
andrea byers - 25 days ago
my prayers go out to you and your family I have a friend going through cancer right now and they haven't give her long to live but everyone forgets God was first and then there was man
Harriette Curry - 25 days ago
I'm praying for your family, and healing for Beth. God has her in his healing hands.
Sue Tubbs - 25 days ago
I prayer for Beth and the. whole family .
psue - 25 days ago
Dog is with you, God bless you...God bless Beth in Jesus name ....
Teresa Loveday - 25 days ago
Dog I'm praying for your family and for Beth my heart is broken for your family I pray for peace and I ask God to surround you and your family during this time But she is a wonderful person I have loved your show sense day one .I fell your family's pain we love you all God bless you all and keep you love and prayers